Tek-CARE 160 Nurse Call

TekTone Tek-CARE 160 Nurse Call System

The Tek-CARE 160 Nurse Call System by Tektone is unlike any other Nurse Call System on the market. The Tek-CARE 160 only requires 2 wires making this the BEST option for upgrading most old Nursecall Systems. Two-way voice communication is a top feature driving the popularity of the Tek-CARE 160 nurse call system.

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The Tek-CARE 160 Nurse Call system features the latest in technological advancement to increase the efficiency of your staff in providing the best care to your patients. The NC160 also features enhanced features of communication to allow patients better access to staff and to allow staff more streamlined approaches in communicating to patients about their needs.

A brilliant LCD touchscreen on the master unit gives you complete control to operate and control the system. This master station is also equipped with a reset and tone off button. The Tek-CARE 160 Nurse Call system supports dome lights and numerous room controllers while also including backup batteries for short-term generator switchover.

Stay connected at all times as the Tek-CARE 160 Nurse Call system comes equipped with tablet and smartphone integration to be able to display calls on the go. Your staff can be alerted with notifications that can be specified with specific tones, vibration or flash alerts. Each device will display all calls in its designated zones while being connected to the system. The Tek-CARE 160 Nurse Call system features various communication devices which can be placed beside beds, in bathrooms and showers or along hallways to provide accessible call devices for patients. This two-way communication is essential for patient safety while also being an important resource for nurses and staff to communicate while on the job.

With a modern design and look, the Tek-CARE 160 Nurse Call system is an aesthetically pleasing and affordable option for healthcare facilities. It has been consistently rated as the highest replacement system on the market today due to the ease of installation and user-friendly interface. The Tek-CARE 160 Nurse Call system can also be used for new installations.

The Tek-CARE 160 Nurse Call system is one of the most advanced systems on the market today. Use our online quote form to create a free customized quote specific to the needs of your facility. Our team of experienced system designers have expert knowledge with each system and can answer any questions you may have. Experience the difference by purchasing an Tek-CARE 160 Nurse Call system from BEC Integrated Solutions.

Tek-CARE 160 Nurse Call System Features:

  • Two-way voice communication
  • Very modern, aesthetically pleasing look at a great price
  • The system only requires two wires and 22 AWG is acceptable. This makes the product perfect for replacing old nurse call systems. Probably the most flexible and simple system to use when replacing old nurse call systems
  • The system can also be used for new installations
  • The master unit is touchscreen. This does wire using CAT5 cable.
  • Using the Tektone App, calls can be sent to smart phones and iPod touches.
  • Look at cut sheet for the SF123. These are customization stations and can be set up with any of the 3 configurations. All of the needed parts for these 3 configurations come with every SF123
  • A frame is available so that 2 stations can be grouped together and mounted on a 2 gang electrical box

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