Exclusive Dealer Program | Business Discounts, Specials & Benefits

At BEC Integrated Solutions we proudly offer our Exclusive Dealer Program; specifically designed to benefit our dealers, installers and resellers. We strive to extend to our buyers only the best deals for the highest quality of products. Consider filling out our simple application which will allow us to provide you our exclusive offers, pricing information and incentives that are custom-made for your needs. We excitedly anticipate working with you and ensure only the best products in the industry.

Our Exclusive Dealer Program is a no risk, free opportunity for businesses to preview specials and discounted pricing information. When dealing with high volumes of products, we understand that quality and pricing are extremely important to our dealers, installers and resellers. Exemplary customer service and strong business relationships are important to us as we complete each product order. We are well prepared and willing to answer your questions to ensure that your business needs are fulfilled, and follow up questions or concerns are always welcome once your order has been received.

There is no obligation to you once you have signed up for our Exclusive Dealer Program. Sit back and relax while we do the work for you and put together quotes and pricing specials to suit your facility’s needs. We can also refer business to our dealers once business relationships and deals have been established. If you have any questions or concerns before filling out our short form below, feel free to contact us at BEC Integrated Solutions. We look forward to giving you the best deals and service in the industry.

Download our Exclusive Dealer Program application by clicking here.