Call Cords

Nursecall Call Cord Parts & Accessories

Call cords are an essential component of patient care. These tools provide peace of mind in the patient being able to call for help or assistance. BEC Integrated Solutions has been the industry leader for over 20 years in providing reliable and affordable call cords, parts and accessories to over 2,500 medical facilities around the globe. Enhance the care at your facility with our line of call cords.

DuraCall Call Cords

With a rugged and durable design, the DuraCall call cords have been dropped, submerged and even driven over by a car. This proven dependability ensures that your patients will be able to call for help should the need arise. These cords are easy to clean, come with an easy-grip pendant and are FDA listed.

DuraGlo Call Cords

This award-winning call cord is the only one in the industry with glow-band technology to provide easy access anytime day or night. DuraGlo Call Cords can glow up to four hours in total darkness and it works with any nurse call system.

DuraColor Call Cords

Visibility is made simple with our DuraColor call cords. This high-contrast neon colouring provides for easy identification against neutral bedding.

DuraLight Call Cords

Bright red LEDs light up the DuraLight Call Cord when the button is depressed. This energy-efficient call cord requires no batteries and provides a reliable connection for patients to communicate with staff.

EconoCall Call Cords

With a clean and basic design, the EconoCall call cord is our most affordable call cord option. The plug-in style will fit most systems while the smooth shape fits comfortably in the hand for easy use. The cord also features a reparable button for easy fixes.

CleanCall Call Cords

A clean environment is made easier with the CleanCall call cord. The smooth membrane is easier to sanitize than regular buttons and is easily wiped down. The flush button reduces accidental calls while the high-contrast red button with the nurse call symbol is highly visible to patients and staff.

JumboCall Call Cords

Patients who have difficulty using their hands will benefit from the JumboCall call cords. This large, easy-grip design provides an ideal solution for patients while being compatible with most systems using ¼” phone jacks.

LockingCall Call Cords

With a sturdy lock button and a durable design, the LockingCall call cord provides patients with an easy-to-grasp call cord. It has a repairable design to help save costs on replacements.

GeriCall Call Cords

Patients with limited hand dexterity will benefit from the GeriCall call cord. This flattened pad is activated by slight pressure from the hand, arm or body and can even be positioned under the patient’s chin. The call cord also features a security clip for use.

HandiCall Call Cords

Patients can be on-the-go with our HandiCall call cords. This solution is ideal for community spaces such as hallways, rooms or other gathering areas. A 4’ locking cord is attached to a sounder with two volume settings and can be mounted on chairs, wheelchairs, tables or with the patient.

TouchCall Call Cords

Flexibility is an important feature of the TouchCall call cord. This cord has a reliable and versatile construction for patients with limited movement. The large, ultra-sensitive touch plate surface can be easily pressed by foot, hand, elbow or chin. The tent design and velcro attachment allow for multiple positioning depending on the needs of the patient.

BreathCall Air Activated Call Cords

For patients with little or no motor skills, the BreathCall call cord is a device that is activated by breathing into a disposable straw and filter assembly. The flexible gooseneck design comes with a universal mounting clamp. This call cord comes with many of the same features as other call cords but fits into smaller areas.

PressCall Call Cords

The PressCall is great for patients who cannot operate a regular call cord. This cord is a pneumatic air-activated call cord. With an oval-shaped, soft vinyl bulb design, the PressCall is simple to use and easily fits into the hand.

PadCall Pneumatic Call Cords

With a large circular shape and soft vinyl pad, the PadCall call cord is an ideal solution for patients who have difficulty activating standard call cords. Gripping feet prevent the PadCell from slipping.

Call Cord Accessories

We offer a variety of accessories to help with your call cord system. From nurse call connector cables to desk and hand bells, you’ll find the tools you need at an affordable price.

Call Cord Replacement Parts

Save time and money with our call cord replacement parts. We have push-button replacements, call cord cables, repair plugs, locking button pendants and more. Each part will help get your call cord back working like new.