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Healthcare Systems and Security Solutions for All Venues

From the largest hospital campuses to the smallest apartment buildings there is one thing that each location has in common: the possibilities of heightening security and efficiency with BEC Integrated Solutions. Our products range from full healthcare systems to commercial security solutions. With the right price and trusted brands, medical facilities, college campuses, parking garages, apartment complexes, office buildings, and much more can be secured and functioning seamlessly.


Healthcare Systems

Many healthcare facilities ranging from large hospitals to small clinics and nursing homes to assisted living facilities smoothly operate using our trusted products at BEC Integrated Solutions. We take pride in the wireless nurse call systems, wired nurse call options, emergency call systems, wander management and room status solutions that we offer. Each healthcare system offered can be integrated with your current system to work alongside it, or it can be a full system replacement and seamlessly work on its own.


Voice and Video Intercom Systems

With theft and vandalism on the rise, commercial security is an option that is too important to forget. Apartment buildings, business offices, gated communities, parking garages, vacation homes and even home residences largely benefit from the security that our intercom systems provide. Consider our video entry solutions with the addition of a video intercom system or an IP based video intercom that will provide safe access control to your tenants or employees. We also offer voice only intercom and music intercom systems that will replace, upgrade or enhance the security of your properties.


Security Solutions

Our various security options range from CCTV to telephone entry. With the addition of a security system to your property, safety is ultimately enhanced. Access control, area of rescue, CCTV, telephone entry, and wired or wireless full security systems are offered to ensure optimal security for any venue. Security is one of our highest priorities at BEC Integrated Solutions. Browse our many categories or contact us today for more information about what is offered in your area.




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