Tek-CARE 120 Nurse Call Systems

Tek-CARE 120 Nurse Call System (2 Wire / Re-Use Existing Cable)

The Tek-CARE 120 Nurse Call System by Tektone is unlike any other Nurse Call System on the market. The Tek-CARE 120 only requires 2 wires making this the BEST option for upgrading most old Nursecall Systems.

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Consider replacing your old nurse call systems for hospitals with the Tek-CARE 120 Nurse Call System for a modern, all-around better functioning communication system. Give patients the care that they need even quicker than before as your staff acclimates to better and more efficient communication throughout each day. The Tek-CARE 120 Nurse Call System not only adds a modern, aesthetically pleasing look to your facility, but it does so at a surprisingly affordable price. We strive to offer the best products with the most competitive prices on the market today.

TekTone’s Tek-CARE 120 Nurse Call System is currently the highest-rated replacement system for nearly any old nurse call system being used. It requires two for the full operation which makes it an ideal and simple replacement solution. It is also fully functional in itself as a new installation in new or existing facilities that have not yet had the need for a nurse call system.

The touchscreen master unit offers modern technology that functions to operate and control the entire system. The master unit is wired via simple CAT5 cables for a streamlined and reliable connection. The Tek-CARE 120 Nurse Call System also operates with some wireless functionality. With the TekTone App, staff can stay in communication using smartphones, tablets, and iPods touches. This feature can ultimately save on the extra costs of providing individual communication devices to each staff. Most facilities require staff to have a smartphone or similar communication device, so it is important to put these to good use and connect them to your new Tek-CARE 120 Nurse Call System.

Various stationary communication devices are available for placement beside beds, in bathrooms and showers, or along hallways to provide an easily accessible call device for patients. Simply pulling a cord or pressing a button allows staff to quickly respond to a call for help within their zone. Even group two stations together using a customized frame and mount them on a two-gang electrical box for simple installation to the power source.

Tek-CARE 120 Nurse Call System Features:

  • Very modern, aesthetically pleasing look at a great price
  • The system only requires two wires and 22 AWG is acceptable. This makes the product perfect for replacing old nurse call systems. Probably the most flexible and simple system to use when replacing old nurse call systems
  • The system can also be used for new installations
  • The master unit is touchscreen. This does wire using CAT5 cable.
  • Using the Tektone App, calls can be sent to smart phones and iPod touches.
  • Look at the cut sheet for the SF123. These are customization stations and can be set up with any of the 3 configurations. All of the needed parts for these 3 configurations come with every SF123
  • A frame is available so that 2 stations can be grouped together and mounted on a 2 gang electrical box

Tektone Tek-CARE 120 Spec Sheets | Tektone Tek-CARE 120 WIRING System Layout

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