Courtroom Duress Alarm

Courtroom Wireless Duress Alarm System Solutions

Courtroom Security is a necessity for any location or business. In our modern age, proper duress alarm systems and protocol are of utmost importance in keeping you and your employees safe. At BEC Integrated Solutions, we provide an elite line of Courthouse duress alarm system products for your needs. For over 20 years, BEC has set a standard of excellence in providing clients with dependable and affordable security solutions. Our Courthouse duress panic alarm system offers several benefits that will greatly enhance the security at your facility.

With our system, you do not have to put your Panic Button System on your network as our system operates completely independent. Our system is a "Life Safety System" and will continue to work when your network goes down.

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Duress Alarm System Integration

Our Courtroom duress alarm system can serve as an all-in-one security solution for your facility. This wireless panic system will connect with smartphones and other wireless devices to provide complete coverage throughout the entire building and grounds. Our Courthouse panic alarm system houses data and relays information through a central source and can handle multiple connections and devices. You can have the confidence in knowing that your wireless duress alarm system will be able to cover all aspects of security for your location.

A-BUS Audio Distribution

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Wireless Duress Alarms

Wireless Duress Alarms Emergency Communication

Emergency notifications are disseminated in a quick and orderly fashion, allowing staff to respond to any situation as safely as possible. Our Courthouse duress alarm system can relay information via pagers, text messages, alert stations, email and a variety of other communication channels. Even smoke alarms, motion detectors and various other alarm notifications can be sent out through the system, providing a fast way to get information to emergency contacts. In an emergency situation, seconds matter, and that is why you will enjoy the efficiency that comes with our Courthouse duress alarm system.

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Wireless Panic Alarm Tracking and Monitoring

Courthouses have many moving parts and many things happening at one time. With our wireless duress alarm system, tracking and monitoring zones and activity are simple with our wireless alarm technology. Staff can be given inconspicuous wireless neck pendants to alert a security team of an emergency situation. Data from these devices is constantly monitored, giving staff the safety they need. In case of an emergency, knowing the location and status of personnel can help emergency responders arrive in an appropriate manner.

Wireless Neck Pendant Transmitter

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Wireless Panic System

Courtroom Wireless Panic System Expandability

Whether you are looking to purchase an entire Courthouse duress alarm system now or buy it in stages, our wireless alarm systems are able to expand as the needs of your facility expand. Our Courthouse duress alarm system can connect with many of the devices and systems already in place to provide another level of security for your facility. As your staff grows, purchase additional items to build into your Courthouse duress alarm system. No matter how large or small, your duress alarm system can be customized to meet the security needs of any location.

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Benefits of Choosing BEC’s Duress Alarm System

  • Systems are preprogrammed at no charge
  • Discounted project pricing is available
  • Free tech & programming support for the life of the system
  • Professional installation in most areas
courtroom wireless duress alarm