Sure Response Two-Way Radios SMA1102 MICRO16 Individual Charger

Complete your nurse call system with Sure-Response two-way radios. Choose from SR-2 two Watt 126 channel or MICRO16 one Watt 16 channel radios.
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  • Individual Charger Sure-Response Two-Way Radios with Wireless Nurse Call

    Both portable and efficient, our SMA1102 two-way radio individual charger provides charging capabilities for your radio communication device. Simply plug in the SMA1102 charrger to the radio and get a quick and thorough charge. This charger is included with the radio and can be plugged into any standard outlet. The charger gives you the flexibility of charging on the go, without the need of bringing a bulky charging station.

    Ensure quick and direct communication with our Sure Response products. Whether you are a small clinic or a multi-campus hospital system, we provide the tools of communication needed to make your facility run as smoothly as possible. We offer gang chargers, two-way radios and other accessories that can be paired with your wired or wireless nursecall system to deliver supreme communication for your staff. All our communication products are FCC certified and come with long-lasting battery life and a one year warranty for your system. Call us today!