WNC-NP Wireless Nurse Call Neck Pendant

The WNC-NP Neck Pendants is just one of the many options offered with our wireless nurse call system. We offer System Design Help, Discounted Pricing on ALL system packages. Contact Us Today!
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  • WNC-NP Neck Pendant | Wireless Nurse Call System

    The WNC-NP Neck  Pendant is a component of our MV200, MV400 and PC Based wireless nurse call systems. With its compact, single-button design, the WNC-NP Neck Pendant is easy for users to request aid at any time. Placed calls must be cancelled at the originating device using the “call cancel” button. Our WNC-NP Neck Pendant is water proof, allowing patients to wear in the shower or other moist areas. Batteries are replaceable.

    Benefits Of Our Wireless Nurse Call

    • Systems are preprogrammed at no charge
    • Discounted project pricing available
    • Free tech & programming support for the life of the system
    • Professional installations in most areas