VL3345 Cellular Telephone Interface

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  • VL3345 Cellular Telephone Interface

    Cellular Telephone Interface

    The VL3345 Cellular Telephone Interface sends RS232 alarm data from the Vision Link Wireless Emergency Call System CPU as a text message to a cellular telephone equipped with a SIMM card using carrier service. The alarm is displayed as a text message and can contain up to 160 alpha-numeric letters or numbers. From a Vision Link console, alarms can be pro-grammed on a per device level to display on any properly equipped cell phone. Escalation can be set to re-send alarm information as text messages to the same or to additional cel-lular phones. Escalated calls are those that exceed a pre-programmed timeframe where staff have not cancelled the call at the point of origin by re-setting the emergency pull station, push button station, latching pendant transmitter or other such device. Text messages additionally can manually typed and sent from the console keyboard and displayed on the cellular phone.

    The emergency call system shall provide text message notification of alarm messages to a cellular telephone equipped with carrier ser-vice, SIMM card and a text messaging plan. The alarm messages shall be capable of a mini-mum of three levels of escalation. Escalated calls are those calls that are not cancelled by staff at the originating device. Those devices include, but are not limited to, emergency pull stations, push button emergency stations, pa-tient bedside stations and latching pendant style transmitters. The system shall be addi-tionally capable of sending manual text mes-sages typed at the console keyboard to a spe-cific cell phone, a group of phones or to all cellular phones programmed in to the system.


    GPRS Class 10 Quad-band GSM 850/900/1800/1900 MHz (F4 model) MNP 2 error correction, V.42bis compression Packet data up to 85.6K bps Embedded TCP/IP stack SMA antenna connector


    Power: 12V DC 500 mA Dimensions: 13.75 x 11 x 3cm; 187 gram or 5 7/16 x 4

    5/16 x 1 3/16in; .

    Weight: 43 ounces. Approval: FCC Part 15B, Part 68; UL and CE