More than two million workers are subject to workplace violence annually while 75% of workers are the subject of workplace bullying and intimidation. Some states do not track workplace violence. Many state legislatures want to change that. With the growing numbers of workplace violence employers are attempting to find creative ways to limit bullying through organizational structures and feedback protocols by means of leadership responsibility and confrontation. With confrontation among some individuals sometimes comes an escalation and can lead to violence. BEC Integrated Solutions can provide your office with a Workplace Panic Button to keep your employees and clients safe and secure during times when these types of confrontations lead to violence. 

wireless Push Button Systems

With the increase in shootings, offices are taking immediate steps to bolster security and Workplace Panic Buttons are becoming as necessary as any other modern-day office equipment. Workplace Panic Buttons present a speedy, straightforward, and economical answer to the safety and security of everyone in your office, especially during confrontations with antagonistic employees or clients. BEC Integrated Solutions furnish you with many choices for Workplace Panic Buttons. We have the answers for your office and can talk you through each system. Our experienced group of customer service representatives will find everything you and your office require to help keep you and your employees safe. We guarantee customer satisfaction. 

BEC Integrated Solutions has a number of security options for you to choose. One such solution is with a Workplace Panic Button. With the press of a button, our Workplace Panic Buttons can deliver emergency notifications instantly notifying those in your office, security, and the requisite authorities. 

BEC Integrated SolutionsWorkplace Panic Buttons “can serve as an all-in-one security system. We offer several different panic alarm systems that correspond to the size of your facility. Our PC-Based panic alarm system is our most advanced master console and can integrate up to 65,000 wireless transmitters to communicate emergency signals to one central location. We also offer our MV200 and MV400 models which deliver emergency notifications and can track and monitor personnel in your facility. These models all come with a reputation of being a dependable security solution for your facility. They operate on speed and efficiency, giving you the confidence that your panic alarm system is keeping you and your staff safe.” 

Workplace Panic Buttons are preprogrammed at no charge; discounted prices available for the entire project; free tech and programming support for the life of the system; and in most areas, we can provide professional installation.   

BEC Integrated Solutions has a number of Security System Solutions in case a Workplace Panic Buttons fulfills only one of your security needs. We also have dedicated customer service professionals to help educate and guide you.  

There are a host of other Security measures you can use to keep your office safe and secure. Please contact BEC Integrated Solutions for a free quote or check out our website to see what products fit your needs. Our customer service representatives have the answers you are looking for.