Newly legislated state law requires hotels in New Jersey with at least 100 guest rooms to supply panic buttons to staff in order to protect them from any type of hazardous working circumstances including sexual assault and harassment. While also validating and empowering staff to report any additional improper behavior by employers, guests, or other individuals, these panic buttons will safeguard employee security and rights to those marginalized by inadequate protections under the law. 

The law—that will go into effect January 2020—is the first such law to be enacted state-wide in the United States after a progressive movement towards reform in cities such as Seattle, Miami, Chicago, and Sacramento which, have also established panic button safety regulations for staff. Thanks to union agreements, panic buttons will consequently be a requirement in employee safety regulations assuring that all staff is afforded equal levels of protection under the law. 

BEC Integrated Solutions can assist your business with this new or impending hotel panic button safety regulation by providing your staff with the necessary panic button equipment.


Panic Button for Hotel Housekeeping Staff

New Jersey requirements state that establishments—“hotels, but also inns, boarding houses, motels, and other similar establishments that offer and accept payment in exchange for rooms, sleeping accommodations, or board and lodging and that retain rights of access and control over their premises” with at least 100 rooms, must provide their staff—”an employee as one who performs housekeeping and room service functions on a full or part-time basis at a hotel for, or under the direction of, a hotel employer or any subcontractor of the hotel employer” with panic buttons. “Awareness of and thus essential by directors, managers, supervisors, and anyone else who may exercise sufficient control over hotel employees” and they cannot charge their staff with the costs of these panic buttons. Additional compliance information can be found here

BEC Integrated Solutions can provide your establishment with the necessary panic button equipment to meet newly legislated regulations and remain compliant on any current or forthcoming laws in the State of New Jersey or any other state or metropolis. We encourage you to contact us if you have any questions or for a free quote. Committed to our customers, we offer the most reliable and affordable panic button options on the market today. Your staff safety is our staff safety. 


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