“The work of the eyes is done. Go now and do the heart-work on the images imprisoned within you.”

― Rainer Maria Rilke

“A functioning Nurse Call System is a lifeline between patient and medical staff,” so sayeth Google when looking for a definition of this equipment. If you work in the healthcare industry, you already know this. I’ve you’ve had any family or friend hospitalized in either a hospital, an assisted living or rehabilitation facility, you will also likely know this. Specifics, however, are not really known unless you yourself have to deal with this equipment from a personal position and hopefully you may never need to. It is statistically likely, however, that you will, in fact, have to deal with a Nurse Call System at some point in your life. BEC Integrated Solutions helps you choose from one of the many Nurse Call Systems options available including answering the question of why you need one. 

TekTone Tek-CARE NC300

Nurse Call Systems are not just for nurses. Every individual that assumes a position of care provider will likely need some form of communication between the person you are caring for and either yourself, another family member or any individual you and your family employed to help take care of your patient regardless. Whether the individual patient in question is bedridden as a result of injury or from being medically incapacitated in other ways, a Nurse Call System is a practical tool to have on hand. A Nurse Call System is also advantageous for use for any elderly patients you or your family need to care for in their aging years.

A Nurse Call System will also keep your patient safe and secure improving responsiveness and levels of care in case of a medical emergency or any regular caregiver responsibilities such as the distribution of meds or helping the individual in question go to the bathroom or bathe. A Nurse Call System extends another level of communication and care and, above all, peace of mind to that of the caregiver and the patient.

Providing you with information to help choose from any of the best Nurse Call Systems in the industry is one of the many steps on this journey. Dedicated to educating and serving our customers, presenting you with all the information you need, BEC Integrated Solutions will ask questions and help guide you in choosing the best Nurse Call System for you.

Outfitting you with the most user-friendly affordable system in the industry is an additional and effective goal we here at BEC Integrated Solutions provide to our clients. We understand that sometimes technology can be hard to navigate in addition to the extravagance in costs. BEC Integrated Solutions has a brilliant team of customer service representatives that will guide you through each and every step in providing a Nurse Call System or any additional System that can meet your basic healthcare needs.

Affordable, easily installed, and delivered pre-programmed with a user-friendly interface, BEC Integrated Solutions Nurse Call Systems includes free tech and programming support for the entire life of the system.

Additionally, for those customers that need help with the elderly, our Fall Prevention and Anti-Wander Devices are intended specifically for elderly care, those suffering from dementia or Alzheimer’s Disease or special needs individuals that suffer from debilitating or degenerative diseases targeting mobility or cognitive diseases:  “Fall prevention and wander alarms, helping to create a safer and more reliable lifestyle for senior citizens. With a variety of user-friendly and versatile fall prevention products, our bed alarm and exit alarms ensure a better experience for residents and caregivers alike. Pull-string fall prevention alarms, motion sensors, bed and chair alarms, weight-sensing pads and anti-wander exit alarms are just a few of the fall prevention products we offer.”


BEC Integrated Solutions Nurse Call System choices come in many models that can be upgraded or expanded as needed: smartphone and tablet integration; from wireless to wired; pull-cord and check-in stations; contemporary designs and water resistant with rubber-overlay keypads; pendant transmitters and multiple methods of communication such as PC console or wireless, pager, email, LED reader board, or phone calls and text messages; smoke detection, motion detection, bed/chair exit pads, equipment status, and mass-energy notification; memory care predictive software and server software; patient wandering technology; access system remotely; back up data both on and off-site; standard call analysis reports and battery back up; and industrial grade embedded computer with solid state hard drive.

BEC Integrated Solutions Nurse Call Systems are delivered pre-programmed and include free tech and programming support for the entire life of the system. Contact any one of our professional customer service representatives to get a free quote on the most user-friendly and affordable technology on the market today. We are here to serve you.