Fall Prevention & Anti-Wander

Fall Prevention and Anti Wander Devices

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According to the CDC, the Centers for Disease and Control, one in three adults who are 65+ will take a fall. Over 2 million seniors will need to be taken to the emergency room each year because of a fall. At BEC, we have taken great measures to help keep this from happening again and again. Lessen your loved one’s chance of becoming one of these statistics with our Smart Caregiver fall prevention and exit alarms.

Bed Alarm & Fall Prevention Devices by Smart Caregiver

Our Smart Caregiver products specialize in fall prevention and wander alarms, helping to create a safer and more reliable lifestyle for senior citizens. With a variety of user-friendly and versatile fall prevention products, our bed alarm and exit alarms ensure a better experience for residents and caregivers alike. Pull-string fall prevention alarms, motion sensors, bed and chair alarms, weight-sensing pads and anti-wander exit alarms are just a few of the fall prevention products we offer.

Our bed alarm and fall prevention devices are easy to use and simple to handle. Our bed and chair exit alarms can be simply plugged into a weight-sensing pad or pressure mat to detect whenever a patient or resident attempts to get out of a bed or a chair. Bed alarm allow staff and caregivers to know exactly when a person is getting up and can either assist or keep a safe eye on the loved one. Audible alarms and pager notifications are just a couple of the ways we notify staff that a patient is moving. Floor mats can also be paired with our fall prevention products to prevent unknown exits from rooms or buildings. Bed alarm can be as quiet and discreet as necessary and chair and door exit alarms can be used for patients with Alzheimer’s or dementia, to alert staff immediately that their attention is needed. Our variety of fall prevention products gives you the freedom to tailor your facility to match every resident’s need.

Wireless Bed Alarm, Chair, Wander & Exit Alarms - CordLess(R)

Not only do we offer Smart Caregiver bed alarm, chair alarms, and wander and exit alarms, we also provide most of these products wirelessly with the CordLess(R) feature, helping to further prevent any trips over cords. This makes these products safer and more reliable for everyday use. Our bed alarm keep your patient or loved one safe through innovative and thoughtful technology. If you want convenient, cordless and user-friendly fall prevention products, look no further than our Smart Caregiver bed and exit alarms.