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School Security System Panic Alarms for Student & Staff Security

Increasing your school’s or college campus’ security has never been more important than today. As increased reports of violence in and around schools and colleges continue to make headlines, increased school safety is becoming more relevant and necessary. With outstanding technology available in our line of school security system duress alarm products, now is the time to install or upgrade your educational facility’s security system.

Our system DOES NOT Require the use your Facilities WiFi Network.

Our system is a "Life Safety System" and will continue to work if your network goes down.

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Wireless School Security Pendants

At BEC, our school wireless duress alarms offer a wide variety of wireless pendants for optimum safety of classrooms, students and faculty. Devices such as pagers and cell phones can be tethered to the main security station, which allows for instant communication in emergencies, no matter how far away a classroom may be. Up to 65,000 various transmitters can be tethered to the main security station. With our school wireless duress alarms, wireless pendants ensure an added measure of safety to every classroom and office.

Panic Button

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Wireless Duress Alarms

Wireless School Emergency Push Button Mass Notification

In an emergency, timing is critical. Our school wireless duress alarms have the ability to send out mass notifications to the entire school or campus, should ever the need arise. With a simple press of a button, each wireless device can receive the same message all at one time. Our school wireless duress alarms can also be accessed remotely and can send out information as needed from any secure location.

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Location Feature for Staff & Students

No matter where an emergency is called from, our school wireless duress alarms provide location information through our wireless pendants. This way, the school wireless duress alarm not only knows where the call is placed, but from whom the call is coming. Call assistance interfaces directly with the main security station and situations can be assessed quickly and accurately through assigned locator information. Our school wireless duress alarm locating devices ensures each staff and student is able to get help more quickly than ever before.

Wireless Neck Pendant Transmitter

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Wireless Panic Button System

Wireless Duress Alarm Additional Safety Features

Our school wireless duress alarms can do more than alert staff or security. Additional features can include fire, smoke, glass break and water detectors. These school wireless duress alarm features allow for rooms unmonitored by humans to be protected 24 hours a day. This way, even if a teacher has left the room or the staff are gone for the day, emergency situations can be monitored and alerts can be sent out at any time by our school wireless duress alarm.

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Benefits of Choosing BEC’s School Security Alarm System

  • Systems are preprogrammed at no charge
  • Discounted project pricing is available
  • Free tech & programming support for the life of the system
  • Professional installation in most areas
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