Wireless MV200 Desk Console | Delivered Pre-Programmed

The MV200 Wireless Console is just one of the many options offered with our wireless nurse call system. We offer System Design Help, Discounted Pricing on ALL system packages. Contact Us Today!

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  • MV200 Desk Console | Wireless Nurse Call System

    The MV200 is the most basic wireless nurse call system that we offer. The MV200 wireless nurse call supports as many as 48 wireless emergency call stations or devices. With the MV200 wireless nurse call system, wireless flush-mounted stations can be placed in each examination room. These stations can have one, two, or three LED colored buttons used to call for aid. Wireless emergency pull cord stations can be added to bathrooms, and code blue stations or dome lights can be also be paired for extra security. The MV200 also features devices such as pendant transmitters, bed stations, smoke or motion detectors, temperature or water sensors, or exit alarms.

    Standard features of the MV200 include 900 MHz spread spectrum technology, user-friendly programming, six connective relays, alarm reset capabilities, replaceable batteries, an LCD display for alarms, and easy installation. Along with the numerous features come multiple applications. Any building with patients, residents, consumers and even students could benefit from the MV200 wireless nurse call system.

    MV200 Desk Console Features

    • Alarms calls reset at the source
    • Easy user programming
    • 2 line by 16 character LCD display
    • Six programmable relays
    • Supports up to 48 transmitters
    • All devices are fully supervised

    MV200 Desk Console Equipment Options

    • Wireless bedside patient stations
    • Wireless emergency pull stations
    • Wireless staff emergency
    • Wireless multi Button Station
    • Wireless pendants
    • Wireless door and window exit sensors
    • Wireless smoke detectors
    • Contact closure dialer
    • External sounder
    • Dome lights

    Benefits Of Our Wireless Nurse Call

    • Systems are preprogrammed at no charge
    • Discounted project pricing available
    • Free tech & programming support for the life of the system
    • Professional installations in most areas