Corridor Dome Light WNC-DL2WR

The WNC-DL2WR Corridor Dome Light is used for our Wireless Nurse Call System Please contact us for DISCOUNTED Project Bids, Free Design and System Support!

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  • WNC-DL2WR Corridor Dome Light | Wireless Nurse Call System

    The WNC-DL2WR Corridor Dome Light is a component of our MV400 and PC Based wireless nurse call systems. The Corridor Dome Light provides LED white and red addressable lights. The white flashing light is for emergency alert and steady white light is for routine call indications. The WNC-DL2WR Corridor Dome Light can (SOLD SEPARATELY) also include a piezo buzzer to enhance its alarming capabilities. Our WNC-DLC Dome Light Controller is necessary for the WNC-DL2WR Corridor Light’s functionality.

    WNC-DLC Dome Light Controller | Necessary Component for Functionality

    The WNC-DLC Dome Light Controller transmits visual alarm notification to the wireless nurse call main unit when equipped with our compatible dome lights through a simple pair of wires. Any number of dome lights can be connected to the system using our WNC-DLC Dome Light Connector, and it even provides different colored/flashing lights to indicate certain call priorities, depending on which dome lights are chosen for your facility.

    Benefits Of Our Wireless Nurse Call

    • Systems are preprogrammed at no charge
    • Discounted project pricing available
    • Free tech & programming support for the life of the system
    • Professional installations in most areas