The growing unease about the future—increasing concerns about the viability of Medicare and Social Security in the United States; the escalating instability of world economic and political forecasts; the disturbing rise globally in the hostility, violence, and murder of women; and the increasingly alarming instability of governments across the world towards autocracy—has convinced many aging women that elderly communal living is their safest most reliable option.

In a two-part blog post, BEC Integrated Solutions will present affordable and dependable answers to equipping your elderly communal living colony with the tools necessary to keep community members safe and connected to each other and the outside world.

“The concept of “women helping women” has a long history. In the 14th century, widows in Northern Europe formed shared living communities called “beguines,” living in small collectives and working together. This was a daring alternative way of life at the time, since society had no place for unmarried older women – most widows in that era had to choose between becoming a nun, or living in poverty as an outcast.

“The idea of older women living together as a kind of adopted family was popularized in the 1980s by “The Golden Girls,” a long-running, critically acclaimed and still-beloved TV sitcom about four older female roommates living together and relying on each other after widowhood and divorce.

“More recently, family and relationship experts and writers have started to explore and promote the idea of “deliberate communities” and shared living spaces as a way to save resources and provide better social connections – even if the people living in these shared spaces are not part of a “traditional” nuclear family.” Source

What tools can BEC Integrated Solutions provide to help your new community? Our security options start with Access Control, Area of Rescue, CCTV, and telephone entry. Depending on your community’s size and divisions, each one of these options can allow for a dependable and secure benefit. “Access control devices, area of rescue systems, closed-circuit television, and telephone entry are only a few of the areas that we specialize in. The security systems offered are flexible, dependable, easy to install and use, and best of all, they are affordable. We offer small systems, larger kits, and numerous accessories to mold the system of your choice to meet your security needs.”

Linear’s Access Control Security Solutions Systems are designed to supervise the arrivals to and the departures from a facility with as many as 32 entryways. The IEI line of Access Control Systems include eMerge which has no software installation necessary, Secured Series PC Based panel systems that are protected and managed from a central location, and small area single-door systems. We also offer Linear’s Door Gard Access Control System; an indoor/outdoor standalone keypad for entry access. Control locksets are available in all shapes and sizes to accommodate any number of entries. No matter the needs of a facility, our Access Control Systems can meet them.”

TekTone’s Tek-SAFE Area of Rescue Assistance System permits people to connect with emergency workers through an intercom system in the event of an emergency. Any type of facility needing call stations that can connect quickly and easily with the master station will benefit from our Tek-SAFE Area of Rescue Assistance System. The Tek-SAFE sends both visual and audio indicators to the main station to signal for help. For even more safety reasons, the Tek-SAFE meets the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Having a Tek-SAFE Area of Rescue Assistance System installed could mean the difference between life and death. Numerous facilities have experienced situations where quick communication for help is pertinent. Protected stairwells are a popular location using our Tek-SAFE Area of Rescue Assistance System. Colleges, business offices, and parking garages are a few other locations that benefit from TekTone’s Tek-SAFE.”

“Channel Vision manufactures surveillance cameras and video surveillance recording systems considered to be some of the finest in the security industry. Hi-Resolution Analog Cameras, Megapixel IP Cameras, Network Video Recorders (NVR), Web Servers, and Digital Video Recorders (DVR) are a few of the top products that Channel Vision produces. Channel Vision offers products with superior image resolution and IR LEDs for night viewing. As a leading manufacturer in the security industry, Channel Vision offers numerous products for any type of facility.”

“At BEC Integrated Solutions we offer multiple telephone entry systems...that can give security to gated communities, parking garages, office buildings, apartments, dormitories, hotels/motels, commercial buildings and recreational facilities.”

In addition to the above, BEC Integrated Solutions provides Security Systems for any type of facility for your entire elderly community or the individual divisions or stations.

BEC Integrated Solutions can prepare your community for each and every contingency. Please contact us if you have any questions or for a free quote today. We want your community to be safe and successful and we are ready to help.