Telephone Entry

LINEAR TELEPHONE ENTRY Security SYSTEMS Commercial & Residential

The Linear telephone entry systems can be coded to call any landline or cell phone to request access; however, there are no intercom stations available to accompany these systems. These systems can be used for facilities housing from 1 to 10,000 residents or users depending on which product is chosen. As many as four doors can be guarded with each telephone entry system. Some of our systems offer card readers, key fobs and software that allows easy user programming. Any facility needing to install a simple access control security system to regulate user access can depend on our various telephone entry systems. We are proud to offer four different customizable choices to our customers in order to fulfill every security need.

Linear EN-2M4 Telephone Entry Systems

The EN-2M4 is part of Linear / Nortek line of telephone entry, access control security systems. Choose from residential or commercial grade telephone entry systems with one to 36 door coverage.

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Linear EN-2M4 Telephone Entry / Access Control System

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