CCTV Camera Systems


Channel Vision manufactures surveillance cameras and video surveillance recording systems considered to be some of the finest in the security industry. Hi-Resolution Analog Cameras, Megapixel IP Cameras, Network Video Recorders (NVR), Web Servers, and Digital Video Recorders (DVR) are a few of the top products that Channel Vision produces. Channel Vision offers products with superior image resolution and IR LEDs for night viewing. As a leading manufacturer in the security industry, Channel Vision offers numerous products for any type of facility, both commercial and residential.

IP cameras, dome cameras, bullet cameras, PTZ cameras, and flush mount cameras are only a few options that Channel Vision offers. By utilizing Channel Vision’s NVRs, DVRs and Web Servers, complete control of the surveillance cameras can be taken. The NVR-4 allows as many as four clients to observe current surveillance streams at the same time. View the footage from a computer browser or mobile device at 1080p. Channel Vision’s 3G Series DVR System operates with the newest improved H.264 digital compression technology for better video streaming. It effectively decreases the necessary storage space for previously recorded footage.

At BEC Integrated Solutions we offer numerous options to suit the needs of any facility. Whether large or small, commercial or residential, Channel Vision’s products will enhance any facility’s security. As a leading manufacturer in the security industry, Channel Visions surveillance cameras and video surveillance recording systems can be trusted by any entity. Contact BEC Integrated Solutions for more information on Channel Vision’s Surveillance Systems.

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Our video intercom systems allow property owners to have discrete entry access control. Doors, gates, windows, and even full property zones can be monitored using our video intercom systems.