In part two of our two-part blog post, BEC Integrated Solutions will present additional affordable and dependable answers to equipping your elderly communal living colony with the tools necessary to keep community members safe and connected to each other and the outside world.

As a supplementary to our first post on the growing unease about the future—increasing concerns about the viability of Medicare and Social Security in the United States; the escalating instability of world economic and political forecasts; the disturbing rise globally in the hostility, violence, and murder of women; and the increasingly alarming instability of governments across the world towards autocracy—and how this has convinced many aging women that elderly communal living is their safest most reliable option, BEC Integrated Solutions can guide you in the answers needed to maintain your community’s health and safety.  

"In 2010, 480,000 Baby Boom women lived with a least one unrelated female, according to an AARP analysis. The growing number of U.S. HomeShare programs, which help connect people interested in sharing a house, say their numbers have been steadily rising since the economy belly-flopped.

“This concept is really trending on the East and West Coasts and is very big in Europe,” says Ryan Cowmeadow, vice president of the National Shared Housing Resource Center, an all-volunteer clearinghouse of HomeShare programs. “Our numbers are up about 15 percent since 2007, and about 75 percent of applicants are female,” he says. “We’re hoping to see a real surge with the Boomers entering retirement age now. They’re the ones who didn’t take ‘no’ for an answer. Home-sharing just makes sense.”

"Nelson notes that there are several reasons why women more than men are gravitating to communal living as an alternative lifestyle.

“Women typically live longer than men, and men are more likely to remarry quickly after a divorce or the death of a spouse,” she says.

“And fundamentally I think it’s as much about the special bonds women share. We form these wonderful, supportive, ‘tell the truth’ friendships, which survive the demands of husbands, children and careers. Whether living alone or with a spouse or partner, women cling to their friendships. When a woman considers living alone as she ages, it’s a natural progression to seek the company of her best friends.” Source

What tools can BEC Integrated Solutions provide to help your new community? Our security options start with Video Entry, Wireless Nurse Call, Fall Prevention and Anti-Wander. Depending on your community’s size and divisions, each one of these options can allow for affordability and reliability. Additionally, we can equip you with tools for those in your community who need extra care by providing you with specialized Wireless Nurse Call Systems and Fall Prevention and Anti-Wander devices because no one deserves to be left behind because they require a little extra attention.

At BEC Integrated Solutions, we have many options to offer your community in our Video Entry Category including “numerous video intercom systems for building security purposes. A video intercom system assures residential or commercial buildings safety through potentially dangerous situations. Small or large sized facilities, single or multiple units, one or many floors; we offer a choice of video intercom systems to meet your facility’s needs. Our video intercom systems allow property owners to have discrete entry access control. Doors, gates, windows, and even full property zones can be monitored using our video intercom systems.”

Our HealthCare Systems options are numerous for those communities seeking care for their more special needs residents. “The wireless nurse call systems that we provide offer pendant transmitters that can be used by special needs community members to request specialized assistance and to notify the community if a special needs member falls or attempts to leave her assigned location. There are multiple methods of communication using wireless nurse call. PC console or wireless, pager, email, LED reader board, or phone calls and text messages are many methods of notification. Wireless nurse call allows members to receive text messages notifying them of calls or reminders including other community member's information. Smoke detection, motion detection, bed/chair exit pads, equipment status, and mass-energy notification are a few other features of wireless nurse call.”

“Our Smart Caregiver products specialize in fall prevention and wander alarms, helping to create a safer and more reliable lifestyle for your community's more elderly and special needs members. With a variety of user-friendly and versatile fall prevention products, our bed alarm and exit alarms ensure a better experience for residents and caregivers alike. Pull-string fall prevention alarms, motion sensors, bed and chair alarms, weight-sensing pads and anti-wander exit alarms are just a few of the fall prevention products we offer.

“Audible alarms and pager notifications are just a couple of the ways we notify community members that a special needs member is moving. Floor mats can also be paired with our fall prevention products to prevent unknown exits from rooms or buildings. Bed alarm can be as quiet and discreet as necessary and chair and door exit alarms can be used for special needs members with Alzheimer’s or dementia, to alert other community members immediately that their attention is needed. Our variety of fall prevention products gives you the freedom to tailor your facility to match every community member’s need.”

BEC Integrated Solutions can prepare your community for each and every contingency including those special needs for the more vulnerable of your commune. Please contact us if you have any questions or for a free quote today. We want your community to be safe and successful and we are ready to help.