One of the many definitions of community is “an assemblage of interacting populations occupying a given area.” This is an ecological and broad definition, but one of the many meanings regardless. This definition holds true to all those that occupy not only the immediate community but the totality of areas connecting the whole and so forth and so on. All-encompassing this word community means more than just our neighbors; it means humanity and society worldwide. What duty do we have to those in our community and beyond? Do we have an obligation to keep our community safe and secure? How about compassion, empathy, and dignity? Forgiveness? Kindness? What can we do to ensure that our first obligations should be to protect our communities and the people within especially those that are the most vulnerable?

BEC Integrated Solutions can offer many products to protect our communities. One such area is the Area of Rescue Systems that can maintain support and also contribute to the overall safety of society in general.

Quick responses are a priority to providing much-needed support in regards to emergencies. In life or death situations, response time is critical. Whether a medical emergency, fire or safety, every emergency needs swift and decisive action from first responders.

Most commercial and residential properties have their own security but what of those long alleys and dark corners that are without cover? These areas of our communities also deserve protection as do the most vulnerable within. What can we do to help keep them safe?

BEC Integrated Solutions can provide Area of Rescue Assistance System Components, Area of Rescue Assistance Call Boxes,  Area of Rescue Assistance Command Center, Area of Rescue Assistance Power Supply, Area of Rescue Assistance Signage, and Area of Rescue Assistance Cable.

BEC Integrated Solutions can suggest any number of affordable and reliable options in addition to the Area of Rescue System to offer your city council. We have economical and dependable CCTV and surveillance systems.

BEC Integrated Solutions is proud to offer the Area of Rescue Systems. The Area of Rescue Systems has been a trusted product for many years. We provide not only exceptional Systems but distinguished customer service to help you determine what you and your community needs. We have any number of Area of Rescue Systems that can fulfill the essentials of keeping your community safe and connected.

The security systems offered are flexible, dependable, easy to install and use, and best of all, they are affordable. We offer small systems, larger kits, and numerous accessories to mold the system of your choice to meet your security needs.

At BEC Integrated solutions, our goal is to serve and satisfy our customers and our communities. We offer discounted project bids as well as design assistance and support.

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