The applications for Wireless Nurse Call Systems are accelerating at a tremendous rate. BEC Integrated Solutions can provide your facility and community with first-rate preferred equipment to implement requirements of any special needs community. To effectively monitor and care for special needs patients, your organization and community will need specialized services. BEC Integrated Solutions can provide you not only with the best equipment but an expert team of professionals to help you decide on what needs you have, installation, and any future issues that arise. BEC Integrated Solutions Wireless Nurse Call System is for you.

By providing the best Wireless Nurse Call Systems on the market, BEC Integrated Solutions also offers dedicated professionals to help with every step of your purchase up to and including installation. Years of experience guiding our customers through the means of purchasing a Wireless Nurse Call System that best suits their demands has allowed us to perfect the standards of our industry and those standards distinguish us from other marketers. If your organization or community needs are a nursing home, clinic, senior care facility, medical office or hospital, BEC Integrated Solutions will direct you on the most suitable system to support your specifications.

Wireless Nurse Call Systems that we present offer pendant transmitters that can be utilized by patients to request staff assistance and to notify staff if a patient falls or attempts to leave his/her assigned location. There are many systems of communication using wireless nurse call. PC console or wireless, pager, email, LED reader board, or phone calls and text messages are many methods of notification. Wireless nurse call permits staff to receive text messages instructing them of calls or reminders including patient information. Smoke detection, motion detection, bed/chair exit pads, equipment status, and mass-energy notification are a few other features of Wireless Nurse Call.

Improving an older system may be a burdensome annoyance that makes you less likely to want to enhance. Your Wireless Nurse Call System will be pre-programmed at no additional cost. The System will be set to go live as soon as it is connected and initiated. BEC Integrated Solutions includes the programming features to provide for an uncomplicated transition so you don't have to. Professional Installation is available in most areas.

When you acquire a pre-programmed Wireless Nurse Call System from BEC Integrated Solutions, we incorporate technical and programming support for the life of your Wireless Nurse Call System. Whenever a difficulty occurs, BEC Integrated Solutions can be reached by phone, chat, email or our website. We have a crew of experienced support professionals specifically selected for our clients that purchase a Wireless Nurse Call System. They have a comprehensive understanding of your System that can accommodate you or anyone on your team with the help and expert examination to diagnose and solve every problem.

These are just a few of the extensive choices that our Wireless Nurse Call System can provide. Use our free online quote form and within minutes you’ll receive a free customized quote specific to the needs of your healthcare facility. With all the options available on the market today, BEC Integrated Solutions is a proven leader in providing reliable and affordable nurse call solutions for medical facilities around the globe. Contact BEC Integrated Solutions today.