Local Video Entry

Offering Local Dealers & Installers in Video Intercom

If you are looking for an elite video intercom system for your apartment, condominium, home residence or other multi-tenant facility then look no further than a video intercom system from BEC Integrated Solutions. Each of our video intercom systems are wired by cable ensuring better network security and a reliable connection during the day or night. Our video intercom system is set apart from the rest in that you not only experience crystal clear two-way intercom communication but also are able to see who is coming and going from your building. You can do so on site or even from a remote location thanks to the connectivity provided by our video intercom system. Search our video intercom systems by state to find local dealers and installers in your area. Special project pricing is available.

Multi-tenant video intercom

Our multi-tenant video intercom system is designed for multi-tenant locations or areas with high traffic. As many as 16 doors stations can be installed to cover all the areas of your home, apartment complex or facility. The cameras provide 24-hour security as each entryway camera is equipped with infrared technology to give you high-resolution video anytime during the day or night.

Three-tenant video intercom

The three-tenant video intercom system is another option we offer for those with a maximum of three entry points. Each video intercom system is equipped with picture memory technology allowing you or your tenant to review up to 100 dated and time stamped photos of the latest activity from each entryway. This provides even more security to your property. The three-tenant video intercom system can connect with up to six monitors with sizes ranging from 4.6 to 10 inches.

Two-tenant video intercom

Our two-tenant video intercom system is designed for those with up to three entryways and is equipped with a standalone keypad that grants access to those going and coming from your property. Use key fobs, access cards or four digit code to grant access to guests or tenants. Put control in the hand of your supervisor or tenant as they can release the lock once the caller has been identified.

Single-tenant video intercom

The single-tenant video intercom system is designed for smaller single tenant buildings. The intercom unit features 12 VDC electric strike locks that are wired directly to each door unit, eliminating the need for an additional power source.

No matter the size or the situation, we have a video intercom system that can meet your security needs. Each system comes with a variety of features that are sure to enhance the security at your property. We provide a local video intercom for you so call us to help you locate one of our dealers and installers in your area.