Boston, MA Video Intercom

Video Intercom Available in Boston, MA

video intercom systemBEC Integrated Solutions has been the leader in video intercom systems and have been for the past 20 years. Our customers are all over the globe and they know that our products are dependable, reliable and affordable. We have professional installers and dealers in the Boston, MA area so we offer a national brand with local customer service for your video intercom system.

Villa 6-wire (one, two, three and four tenant system)

This video intercom system is designed for single tenant facilities with with a limited number of entryways. Up to six video monitors can be installed with one system. Our system requires the installation of six conductors; four 22awg cables for video/intercom and two 18awg for power. Each screen has auto-viewing features and grants access control to the supervisor as the unlock button located on the monitor will unlock the entryway once the caller has been recognized. The video intercom system stores the latest 100 photos with time stamp and date to allow you to know who is going and coming from your facility at all times.

BA Series 2-wire

The BA series 2-wire video intercom system has numerous features that will greatly enhance your security system. The video intercom system provides audio communication as well as lobby panels with single button call allowing calls straight to each tenant or the apartment office. Panels come in four, eight or 12 button panels depending on the number of regular attendees expected. Each system is compatible with up to 12 video monitors, and each monitor is equipped with auto-viewing capabilities. Tenants can control screen brightness and volume as well as unlock the entryway using a button located on the monitor.

BE Series CAT5

Our video intercom system can be installed by certified professional installers and dealers in the Boston, MA area. Your system will provide 24-hour security as night vision infrared imaging records each entryway and with picture memory capabilities, providing dated and time stamped photos for your review. The CAT5 cables of this video intercom system are ideal for small apartments with few tenants, or large buildings with high traffic.

Trust the leader in security solutions and let us give you the confidence that comes through installing one of our video intercom systems. Call us today!