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Video Intercom Available in Houston, TX

apartment building video intercomDependable, reliable, trustworthy, affordable: these are just a few of the comments made by our customers. We have customers all over the country and our professional dealers and installers in Houston, TX are ready to help you with your security needs. Our video intercom system has many features that distance us from the rest of the competition.

Villa 6-wire (one, two, three and four tenant system)

The Villa 6-wire video intercom system is an ideal solution for smaller apartment buildings with one to three entryways. Each entryway is covered by security cameras which provide high-quality imaging all day and night. Night vision capabilities are equipped with each camera and the video intercom system features picture memory software allowing you to keep the latest 100 photos for reviewing purposes. Each video intercom system can connect with up to three entry units. The high-resolution video monitors range from 4.6 to 10 inches. After the resident has been recognized, the supervisor can unlock the entryway by pressing the button located on the monitor.

BA Series 2-wire

The BA Series 2-wire video intercom system is compatible with up to 12 video monitors and accommodates video, intercom, power and door release. This video intercom system can be an upgrade for an older intercom system or apartment intercom monitoring system. Single button press call allows the resident or guest to call directly to a tenant or apartment. Each entry door is equipped with 12 VDC electric strike locks wired directly to them without the need of an additional power source. Doors can be unlocked on site, or remote monitoring allows security even away from your facility. The two-wire video intercom system is sure to increase the security of any property.  

BE Series CAT5

The BE Series CAT5 video intercom system is compatible with up to 16 entry units and up to 300 video monitors giving you complete coverage of your apartment building, condominium or other multi-tenant facility. Video intercom cameras have night vision infrared giving you 24-hour constant coverage and the CAT5 cables provide durable and dependable security. Each door unit contains a card reader that is compatible for card access or key fob. Entry can also be granted through access code on the keypad.

Our professional dealers and installers in the Houston, TX area are ready to show you the numerous features available in our video intercom system. Give us a call today!

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