Phoenix, AZ Video Intercom

Video Intercom Systems Available in Phoenix, AZ

At BEC Integrated Solutions we understand that dealing locally for large appliances or home systems is ideal. That’s why we ensure local dealers and installers in the Phoenix, AZ area to meet your video entry needs. There’s nothing quite like working with people you can see, talk to, and trust. The need for locally-based businesses applies to finding a video entry security system for your residential property. That’s why we have Phoenix, AZ dealers and installers ready to offer you qualified, local installation and service.

Not all residential buildings are not the same causing different buildings to have different video entry security needs. We are willing and able to help you choose the best video entry security system for your building. Whether your property houses one tenant or dozens, we can help you discover what you need to keep your tenants and property safe.

Villa video intercom 6-wireSingle, Two or Three Tenant Villa Video Intercom System

If you own a property with just one, two, three or four tenants, then consider our BEC Villa Video Intercom System. This system uses color monitors, cameras, and door panels to monitor the entryways on your property, making sure only authorized people enter. This single tenant video entry system can monitor properties with one to three entryways, and up to six video monitors can be paired with this system.

BA Series 2-wire video intercom2-Wire Video Intercom System

Our BA Series 2-wire video intercom system offers choices from single tenant setup to multi-tenant setup. This system requires only two wires for power, monitor connection, video, and door release. Avoid the hassle of numerous wires with our 2-wire video intercom system.

CAT5 apartment building intercom systemCAT5 Apartment Building Video Intercom System

Another video intercom system you might consider is our BE Series Multi-Tenant Apartment Video Intercom System. This video entry system uses CAT5 Cabling and is perfect for large and small buildings alike. It pairs with up to 300 video entry monitors, giving you seemingly endless opportunities for expansion.

These are just a few of the security features we can offer with our video entry security. All of our video intercom security systems come with color monitors, infrared night vision cameras, card readers for keycard access, and 24 VDC electric strike locks as well. Your video intercom system is an important decision. Call us so that we can answer all of your questions regarding our video intercom systems.

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