Tektone DS100 Door Alarm System

TekTone DS100 Door Alarm System, Audio-Visual Emergency Call

The TekTone DS100 Door Alarm System allows facilities to supervise door or window entry in order to avoid losing patients or residents. Assisted living facilities and nursing homes especially find the DS100 to be useful in order to keep track of their residents. Certain departments within hospitals and other healthcare facilities may find the TekTone DS100 useful as well. If a resident or patient leaves their designated area without the knowledge of staff, the DS100 will sound an alarm and flash a light to warn staff of the incident. The DS100 Door Alarm System also has the ability to oversee any device that utilizes open or closed contact switches such as door and window magnetic switches, emergency push buttons and heat sensors.

 The TekTone DS100 Door Alarm System offers reliable security measures for the facilities in which it is installed. It is important for a facility to be proactive and avoid security breaches before they occur. Ultimately the TekTone DS100 increases the efficiency and continues to aid in patient and resident safety. It is a popular addition to our TekTone NC110, NC150 and NC200 Nurse Call Systems widely used in assisted living facilities and nursing homes. The TekTone DS100 is made of extruded aluminium and can be affixed to any wall or desk. For more information about our TekTone DS100 Door Alarm System, contact BEC Integrated Solutions.