Studies report that retail sales workers are under constant threat of workplace violence. With as many as 330,000 reports of violence annually, retailers are looking for ways to safeguard their staff and customers. From developing safety education protocols for employees to securing the workplace with proper security standards in the form of CCTV cameras, lighting, secured entrances via key or badge entry, securing the workplace is the number one priority of businesses. With BEC Integrated SolutionsWorkplace Panic Buttons, safeguards to workplace violence can start with an affordable simple solution. 

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Workplace violence has an estimated price tag of $36 billion annually. Retailers report that along with pay equity and benefits, workplace violence is a leading concern with employees especially since the rise in mass shootings. When smaller businesses are hit with workplace violence, recovery is expensive and arduous while some don’t even bother because the cost and rehabilitation are simply too much. BEC Integrated Solutions has a number of security options for you to choose. A simple affordable solution is with a Workplace Panic Button. With the press of a button, BEC Integrated SolutionsWorkplace Panic Buttons can deliver emergency notifications instantly conveying to those in your immediate office, any additional building or property security, and the appropriate authorities. 

Workplace Panic Buttons are a simple method in delivering peace of mind to staff. Strategically placing Workplace Panic Buttons independently throughout your workplace and educating staff on their use can save lives. BEC Integrated Solutions can provide your business with many choices and information including the expertise and equipment necessary to install a Workplace Panic Button in your office or small business. We can also guide you step by step with your additional security needs. 

Workplace Panic Buttons are becoming an accepted and contemporary form of easy and affordable protection. Installation can be quick and painless while also economically feasible for a business just starting out. Workplace Panic Buttons are preprogrammed at no charge; discounted prices available for the entire project; free tech and programming support for the life of the system; and in most areas, we can provide professional installation.   

In offices in small businesses, BEC Integrated Solutions can help you design a Workplace Panic Button that can make a significant difference in an important situation. Whether it be criminal in nature or a medical emergency such as an accident or health crisis, Workplace Panic Buttons can be accessible to anyone in need. BEC Integrated Solutions has a number of additional options available to choose. From wireless consoles to pendants and push-button stations, our Workplace Panic Buttons are accessible and easy to use. With the press of a button, our Workplace Panic Buttons can communicate emergency information directly to those in your office, security and essential jurisdictional authorities. 

The Workplace Panic Buttons serve as an all-in-one security system designed to specifically match the area of your office and small business. The PC-Based panic alarm system has a master console and can communicate emergency signals to one accessible location. We have various models which can communicate emergency notifications and can track and observe personnel in your office. 

BEC Integrated Solutions has additional Security Options for your office or small business if you are looking for something more than a Workplace Panic Buttons. We also have a dedicated team of customer service professionals to help educate and guide you.  Please contact BEC Integrated Solutions for a free quote or check out our website to chat with our customer service team. We are here to help you.