“We are healthy only to the extent that our ideas are humane.” 

― Kurt Vonnegut

During these stress-filled times, consumers are increasingly on the lookout for an all-inclusive well-being experience. One such experience is the spa adventure and with that, the rise of the spa industry. Traditionally, spas were for wealthy people that had the time and money to spend. Enter the smaller and affordable spa experience and the economical drop-in between running errands. With this, the spa industry has generated popular franchises and with those franchises comes the safety and security of their staff and frequent clients. Of the many new spas popping up around the country, one of the top five spa franchises has made BEC Integrated SolutionsWireless Panic Button System mandatory for all new franchise locations thus guaranteeing their staff and client’s safety and security. 

BEC Integrated SolutionsWireless Panic Button System can deliver your franchise the system they require. Franchise locations can purchase (1) MV200 and approximately (10) WNC-SB at a cost of around $1900.00 as mandated by franchise rules. While saving money on installation costs, this system is delivered "pre-programmed" leaving the mounting of the push button stations remaining. There are no subscription fees,  no future software upgrade charges, and no mandatory annual maintenance agreements. Also, technical support on this system is always free of charge for the life of the system. This includes anyone "you" choose to install or work on this system.

BEC Integrated Solutions has a dedicated team of customer service professionals to help guide step-by-step through the design, quote, purchase, installation, and any additional future help needed. Either with your already professionally established spa or a new franchise, purchasing and installation can be quick and easy while also economically workable for any business. 

BEC Integrated Solutions can also help your business design any additional Security needs. We have a variety of Security options including Panic Buttons for the office. If you require a more dedicated entry system, we have Video Intercom Systems as well as Access Control and Security Systems including Closed-Circuit Television. BEC Integrated Solutions has a number of options available to choose. From wireless consoles to pendants and push-button stations, our Panic Button Systems are accessible and uncomplicated. With the press of a button, our Panic Button System can communicate emergency information directly to those that can help. 

BEC Integrated Solutions is ready to help educate and guide you in the design and purchase of any of our Systems.  Please contact BEC Integrated Solutions for a free quote or check out our website to chat with our customer service team. We are here to help guide your business to safety, security, and success. Contact us today.