“A mind is like a parachute. It doesn't work if it is not open.”

― Frank Zappa

Success starts from a space of openness; an openness to provide any and all customers with whatever information and needs the customer requires that is within your business' ability to provide regardless of whether it serves your own business' interest. This is a goal that any business should have and it should be at the top of a long list of business goals. Prevailing successful business sentiments from the truly noteworthy usually includes the knowledge of the current socio-political moments in the present to the historical precedents to understand the tides of where your business should take you; simply put, follow the news—all news, even worldwide—of what’s currently happening and educate yourself on history to guesstimate what could happen, in general, to be truly knowledgable and successful. Everyone from Bill Gates to Warren Buffett to Oprah Winfrey assures us that paying attention to the past is just as important as anticipating the future. As Mark Twain said: “History doesn't repeat itself, but it does rhyme.” Knowledge—no matter the topic—is power. Armed with information and knowledge, your business can be successful and we hope to help you in that journey. BEC Integrated Solutions pledges to provide the necessary security and safety information and tools in the form of a Panic Button for your office or other Security or Video Entry for your business needs.


BEC Integrated Solutions can provide you with information for everything you may need in order to design a Panic Button System that is not only user-friendly and affordable but also gives you another layer of protection and confidence in your safety and security that can lead to success. A knowledgable person is a successful person and a safe and secure one with our help. We can help you decide on a Panic Button System that can not only bring you a sense of peace but assures you of that extra step towards success. A BEC Integrated Solutions Panic Button System will not let you down. If we don’t know the answer, we will find it for you.

Business' often rely on current information and knowledge and a certain willingness to open communication for success. Some businesses are unable or unwilling to give without a protective layer of self-interest. This will, in fact, limit that success. BEC Integrated Solutions wants your business to be successful regardless. Your success is our success and it first starts in a healthy, trustworthy, and ethical business community. With the information and knowledge we provide you in regards to the safety and security essentials for your business, you can be guided toward success while also protecting that of your business, your staff, and your customers and clients. With a Panic Button or other security needs, BEC Integrated Solutions can supply your business with whatever essentials you require including the information and knowledge to use them. We can also help guide your business through the process from quote to setup and any subsequent customer service essentials. Knowledge is power and a successful power at that and we here at BEC Integrated Solutions want that for your business and an overall thriving business community.


BEC Integrated Solutions can give business owners the information needed to help with any additional security requirements their business has. BEC Integrated Solutions has a dedicated team of customer service professionals to help guide step-by-step through the design, quote, purchase, installation, and any additional future help needed. We guarantee satisfaction. Purchasing and installation can be quick and painless while also economically feasible for any business either just getting started or an expert in their field.

BEC Integrated Solutions can also help design any additional Security needs in addition to a Panic Button system for your office. Regardless of the emergency: whether it be unlawful in nature or a medical emergency such as an accident, fire or health crisis, Panic Buttons can be placed strategically throughout to best provide access to anyone in need. If you require a more dedicated entry system, we have Video Intercom Systems as well as Access Control and Security Systems including Closed-Circuit Television.

BEC Integrated Solutions has a number of options available to choose. From wireless consoles to pendants and push button stations, our Panic Button Systems are accessible and uncomplicated. With the press of a button, our Panic Button System can communicate emergency information directly to those that can help.

BEC Integrated Solution Panic Button Systems are preprogrammed at no charge; discounted prices available for the entire project; free tech and programming support for the life of the system; and in most areas, we can provide professional installation. A Panic Button Systems can also serve as an all-in-one security system designed to specifically match areas no matter the needs.

BEC Integrated Solutions has additional Security Options if the needs are more than a Panic Button Systems. We also have a dedicated team of customer service professionals to help educate and guide you.  Please contact BEC Integrated Solutions for a free quote or check out our website to chat with our customer service team. We are here to help guide your business to safety, security, and success. Contact us today.