Emergencies happen in seconds. Each additional second can cause loss of life and property. In a fire, medical or safety emergency, seconds can feel like hours; hours can feel like days; every second counts. At the scene, decisions to act can mean life or death. TekTone Area of Rescue Systems can help to connect those in urgent need with emergency and security personnel. The TekTone Area of Rescue Systems can be used in commercial and residential properties as well as parking garages and lots, business parks, college campuses, stairwells, business parks and any other areas of need. The TekTone System can supply a much needed communication structure that can enhance your property. The highest priority will be the safety and concern of community of which the TekTone Systems are designed.

This System provides both audible and visual communications to the master control panel when activated in emergency circumstances. Up to eight stations can be installed throughout the premises in order to afford complete coverage overall should any need arise. Compliant with all governmental regulations, this System is certified in accordance with the American with Disabilities Act (ADA) providing an easy way to signal an alarm and communicate.

When activated, the TekTone System is a dependable two-way communication that connects to a master station compelling personnel to gauge the situation and respond or call for emergency, police or medical services. The community can be assured that communication is quick and dependable and a response will be immediate and forthcoming.

BEC Integrated Solutions can provide call stations, master stations, dome lights, backup kits, and area of assistance signs.  

BEC Integrated Solutions is proud to offer the TekTone Systems. TekTone has been a trusted name for forty years. We provide not only an outstanding System but exceptional customer service to help you determine what you and your community needs. We have any number of Area of Rescue Systems that can fulfill the essentials of keeping your community safe and connected. The security systems offered are flexible, dependable, easy to install and use, and best of all, they are affordable. We offer small systems, larger kits, and numerous accessories to mold the system of your choice to meet your security needs. At BEC Integrated solutions, our goal is to serve and satisfy our customers. We offer discounted project bids as well as design assistance and support. Contact BEC Integrated Solutions for a free quote today.