Happy New Year, folks! Pardon our redecorating as we undergo some website changes. Meanwhile, a reminder to look over our products. Here’s a summary of a few:

Wireless Nurse Call Systems

Combine the convenience of wireless with state-of-the-art integration in our line of wireless nurse call systems for senior care. This wireless system has smartphone and tablet integration and is the lowest cost of installation for nurse call systems. This system is a non voice-based nurse call solution and is one of the most advanced systems on the market today.

Video Entry System

BEC has been the industry leader in home security solutions for over twenty years. These video entry design systems have been installed in a variety of residential properties including single-family homes, apartments, condominiums, gated communities and more. Each property experiences daily the innovative and dependable video entry design of a BEC system.

We start with a simple process. Namely, filling out the free online quote form that is available. Within minutes, you will receive a customized quote specific to the needs of your property. It’s that simple. Simple input units and specs and watch the system work for you. Best of all, you won’t find up charges or hidden fees. Your quote is what you will pay for video entry design at BEC Integrated Solutions.

If you are looking for high-resolution doorbell cameras? We have a video entry system for you. If your video entry design needs easy accessibility? We have a video entry solution for you. Remote access and other user-control features like door release function and two-way communication? Yes, we have a video entry system for you.

ResidentGuard System

What makes our ResidentGuard one of the top care and security systems on the market today? To start, our system comes with pendants and tags that help track patients and send alerts in case of an emergency or fall. These tags are waterproof, allowing your staff to perform usual tasks of bathing and other washing without fear of damaging the tags. Each ResidentGuard tag is equipped with LED signaling which gives visual indication as to whether or not the tag is working properly. Next, our ResidentGuard comes with door controllers to help limit patient wandering. As a patient is moving in your facility, their tag will communicate with door stations around the area and will lock if a patient isn’t allowed to access that portion of the facility. Residents who wander into undesignated areas will have an alarm sounded, allowing your staff to respond quickly in handling the situation. Lastly, our ResidentGuard can be integrated with nurse call stations and other medical systems to provide that extra level of care and security for your patients.

At BEC Integrated Solutions, we are here for your needs this coming year. Contact us for any questions you have and here’s hoping you and your family have a wonderful, safe, and happy coming year.