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Wireless video intercom allows homeowners and single tenant unit property owners to provide secure access control to family members and tenants. Motion detection instantly steams video footage to video monitor or smartphone depending on which system is chosen. With a WiFi signal smart video intercom system or a radio frequency video intercom system, wireless video intercom boasts simple installation and affordable, secure access control.

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Various features of our WS1 Series Wireless Video Intercom System far exceed that of similar devices on the market. Keyless entry using a built in touchscreen keypad, local video storage without extra cloud fees, smartphone / smart lock integration, and motion detection with video surveillance are only a few of the features offered. Identify each visitor before allowing entry into your home or office to protect your property and loved ones. Even manage your property visitors remotely with the WS1 Series WiFi IP Wireless Video Intercom using your paired smartphone. The system boasts high quality video entry access control to the smallest home to the largest office.

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Similar to our WS1 Series Wireless Video Intercom System, the WS2 offers video access control integration between the doorbell device and smartphones. Remote door unlock as available using the free smartphone app that accompanies the system, however, keypad entry is not included with this wireless video intercom system. High resolution HD video & images (up to , 1280*720 pixels), wide 120 degree angle view, IR night vision, built in SD storage and many more features are included in both the WS1 and WS2 Series Wireless Video Intercom Systems.

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The WI Series device is unique in that it provides wireless video intercom functionality without using or requiring WiFi. The WI Series Wireless Video Intercom System communicates between the door camera station and paired video monitors using 2.4 GHz radio frequencies. Create your own radio network within your home or office spanning distances up to 164 feet (depending on wall materials). Connect the outdoor door camera to an existing power source or use the included battery or AC adapter.

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Wireless Video Monitor Intercom System Radio Wireless Video Intercom System Radio Video Intercom System 
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Wireless Video Monitor Kit Wireless Video Intercom System Radio Video Intercom System 
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Wireless Intercom System - Non-Video

We also offer a non-video wireless intercom option for venues requiring access control without video. A single outdoor door entry unit functions with up to 99 indoor handsets. This wireless intercom system can be scaled in size to a single family home or a large business complex with various departments.

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