Wireless Clinic Light Status System

Wireless Clinic Light Status System | Visual Only Communication

wireless clinic room light status systemOur wireless clinic light status system offers all of the conveniences of a room status system with the addition of being wireless. The wireless room status system is an advanced method for quickly and efficiently communicating room status using visual light signals only. Using its main components, the wireless clinic light status system integrates elements including a wireless master console, a wireless repeater, numerous options of wireless push button stations, wireless dome lights, pocket pagers and reader boards for continuous status updates. With all of these components working together, our wireless room status system offers a visual means of updating staff throughout the day of each room’s status.

Our Wireless Light Status System

Affordable Wireless Light Status System

Ideal for Clinics, Exam Rooms, Doctors' Offices, Surgery Centers and more.

All devices are wireless. However, ceiling lights do require wire to be run

Delivered pre-programmed so an installer is not typically required.

Several types of push buttons and pendant options are available.

Options for pagers, mobile apps, text messaging, email notifications and much more

Wireless coverage can be extended as far as needed.

No Reoccurring costs or required software upgrades

The wireless light status system offers a proficient means of communication while escaping the everyday confusion of noisy speakers and loud pagers. It allows patients to be located and transported without trouble, and it gives staff the ability to request assistance as needed. This wireless clinic room status system effectively eases the patient flow systems of any medical facility such as assisted living facilities, nursing homes and hospitals. Using a visual-only system eases patients' nerves as they wait for treatment or care.

Wireless choices within the healthcare industry are becoming more and more popular as technology develops. Eliminating unnecessary wiring allows for an easy installation, more space, and the riddance of wiring issues in years to come. Consider upgrading your current system with our wireless clinic light status system to ensure your facility’s emergency communication needs are being met on a daily basis.