Advanced Computer Console WNC-SERVER2 | Fully Pre-Programmed

The WNC-SERVER2 Computer Console is just one of the many options offered with our wireless emergency call system. We offer System Design Help, Discounted Pricing on ALL system packages. Contact Us Today!

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  • WNC-SERVER2 PC Computer Console | Based Wireless Emergency Call System

    The WNC-SERVER2 Computer Console is our pre-programmed, most advanced wireless emergency call system that we offer. It is our exclusive wireless emergency call option that allows nearly any existing patient technology system within a facility to be merged into one unified wireless call bell system. Cell phones, pagers, pendant transmitters and bracelets, iPads, monitoring stations, communication radios, and smoke or motion detectors are only a few of the numerous compatible devices.

    Our PC-based wireless nurse call system has countless features and options available. A few of the standard features include Windows Operating System, alarm resets, password protection, call prioritization, 900 MHz spread spectrum technology, low battery warning, and replaceable batteries. An emergency pull station, patient stations (both single and dual), duty and code blue stations, and corridor and zone lights are only a few of the standard components of our PC-based wireless nurse call system.

    WNC-SERVER2 PC Computer Console Features

    • Industrial computer & solid-state hard drive
    • 900 MHz spread spectrum technology
    • Fully supervised battery and operation
    • Alarm calls reset at the source
    • Password protection
    • Visual/audible alarm prioritization
    • User-replaceable long-life battery
    • Statistical call reports
    • Battery back-up included
    • Email notification
    • Available UL1069 Ed. 7 or UL2560 listed
    • Compatible with other call systems
    • Pendant fall alarmed & wander notification
    • Internal & external batteries monitored
    • Programmable call escalation
    • Advanced management reports
    • Silent text messaging
    • Quality assurance verification
    • Timed egress alarm notification
    • Staff presence indication
    • Electronic health records interface
    • Bed turn scheduler
    • Text messaging

    WNC-SERVER2 PC Computer Console Equipment Options

    • Location, elopement, and fall alarm transmitters
    • Wireless patient and code blue stations
    • Wireless staff and resident emergency stations
    • LED Corridor and Zone Lamps (white or four-color)
    • Custom sconce indicator lamps
    • Alpha-numeric pocket pager & LED reader boards
    • Central station alarm monitoring interface
    • Mobile App for Android, iPod, iPad, iPhone
    • Cisco® Spectralink®, Ascom & Panasonic interface
    • Email, Two-way radio, and cell phone interface
    • Networked consoles can select response areas
    • Remote access for reports and programming
    • Door/Window/Bed exit notification
    • Wandering patient management
    • Smoke/motion/glass breakage detection
    • Active or passive resident check-in status
    • Repeater/Locators for campus coverage
    • Computer, server, and desktop consoles
    • Locator and Elopement beacons
    • Android and IOS App

    Benefits Of Our Wireless Emergency Call / Panic Button System

    • Systems are preprogrammed at no charge
    • Discounted project pricing is available
    • Free tech & programming support for the life of the system
    • Professional installations in most areas

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