Security & Access Control


At BEC Integrated Solutions we care about your security needs. Large corporations, small businesses, schools, and homes are only a few types of locations that our products have served. Whether commercial or residential, our manufacturers produce various security options for our customers to choose from. Access control devices, area of rescue systems, closed-circuit television, and telephone entry are only a few of the areas that we specialize in. The security systems offered are flexible, dependable, easy to install and use, and best of all, they are affordable. We offer small systems, larger kits, and numerous accessories to mould the system of your choice to meet your security needs. At BEC Integrated Solutions, our goal is to serve and satisfy our customers.

Linear’s Access Control Security Solutions Systems are intended to oversee the entries and exits of a location. The IEI line of Linear’s Systems includes eMerge which has no software installation necessary, Secured Series PC Based panel systems that are protected and managed from a central location, and small area single-door systems.

Our Area of Rescue Systems is widely accepted in the security industry due to their innovative and useful characteristics. These systems offer two-way voice communication through call stations and annunciator panels that can be conveniently placed in numerous public facilities such as colleges and parking garages for security purposes.

We are proud to offer a wide variety of CCTV products (closed-circuit television or video surveillance systems) to our customers. With CCTV, video cameras, intercoms and more are used to enhance security, whether for commercial or residential locations.

Our security systems are dependable and affordable for any sized facility. Security is an important part of everyday life and the proper system should be chosen from our well-known manufacturers. We support our security systems 100%, and we are pleased to offer only the best. Linear’s Telephone Entry Systems are a popular choice for building access control. Our systems support as many as 10,000 daily users and control up to four doors per system. Any facility or closed property needing access control will benefit from the installation of one of our telephone entry systems.