GC2 Security & Control Panel

GC2 Control Panels, Keypads, Sensors, Peripherals, Radios, Antennas

Linear’s 2GIG Brand GC2 line of security products includes every security item needed to completely secure any type of facility or home. Control panels and keypads, sensors and peripherals, radios and antennas, Z-Wave door locks, and all accessories are offered within Linear’s 2GIG Brand GC2 line of products. 

Our security home control panels offer optional cell radio which provides two-way voice communication, update functionality, weather information, and the ability to control panel settings remotely. We also offer numerous prepackaged security kits to provide both value and completeness when choosing a security system. Linear wireless touch screen keypads are offered in English, Spanish and French; they are designed with an easy-to-use interface with the option to add up to four keypads to one system. Linear’s 2GIG Brand GC2 products are designed to complete your security system needs.

2GIG Brand GC2 LinearNumerous 2GIG Brand GC2 sensors and peripherals are available to provide security to different areas of your home or business. Indoor, night vision cameras, wireless CO detectors, wireless doorbells, bypass door/window contacts, glass break detectors, universal garage door receivers, image sensors, and many other sensors are available to accompany our 2GIG Brand GC2 security systems. Consider securing your home or facility with our Z-Wave door locks with customizable access codes, backlit keypads, one-touch locking, and alarm sound after three sequential wrong tries when entering the access code. Choose from polished brass, satin nickel, and Venetian bronze deadbolt or lever-style door locks. Our 2GIG Brand GC2 security systems are reliable and easy to use and operate.