Emergency Call Systems


Emergency Call Systems and various types of Nurse Call Systems are required in many types of medical facilities. Emergency circumstances require dependable means of communication in order to quickly request aid. A swift response could make a difference in a life-threatening situation. Having access to dependable means of communication could ultimately save the lives of those in need. Emergency call systems are efficient, practical and affordable systems that can be depended upon during dangerous circumstances.

Emergency Call Systems

The emergency call system has benefited countless facilities in recent years by improving resident security and providing necessary aid in a quick and efficient manner. These systems incorporate a variety of products utilizing emergency push buttons, emergency call stations, call bell systems, call lights and emergency call boxes. These are a few variations of an emergency calling system intended for all types of facilities. Any facility needing a quick response at any time of day or night would benefit from the installation of an emergency calling system.

Emergency call systems are specifically intended for independent living facilities, elderly or handicapped housing, assisted living, nursing homes, hospitals, senior apartment buildings, and many types of clinics and surgery centres. Any facility that may need emergency call boxes or call bell systems for panic situations would benefit from the installation of an emergency call system. An occupant needing assistance during a crisis can use the emergency push button to notify those in charge of the facility. Facilities equipped with an emergency call system provide safety and a sense of ease to the patients or residents.


There are a variety of products to suit each type of facility in order to enhance safety. Emergency call buttons can be placed within each room of medical facilities allowing individuals to call for help during dangerous situations. These call buttons could be installed as pull cords, call lights or call bell systems which will send a call to the master annunciator panel. Some establishments may only require the placement of a few emergency call stations within different zones of the facility that can be accessed quickly and easily. Full system customization is available in order to provide specific aid to where it is needed.

TekTone Emergency Call Systems

Our TekTone Emergency Call Systems offer reliable lines of communication within the walls of any healthcare facility. Fast and efficient response times are imperative when emergency situations arise. The TekTone Emergency Call Systems are not only efficient, but they are also practical and affordable systems that offer dependable communication devices.

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PC based advanced wireless nurse call system

PC Based Wireless Nurse Call System

Our PC-based wireless nurse call system is the most advanced wireless nurse call that we at BEC Integrated Solutions offer. It is our exclusive wireless nurse call option that allows nearly any existing patient technology system within a facility to be merged into one unified wireless call bell system. We also have UL1069 wireless nurse call system options available.

MV400 wireless nurse call paging pager system

MV400 Desk Console Wireless Nurse Call

Our MV400 wireless nurse call system that we offer at BEC Integration Solutions is a mid-level system best fit for assisted living homes and various medical facilities. The MV400 pairs as many as 250 various transmitters. This system can be paired with pagers or cellphones to enhance quick communication in emergency situations.

MV200 basic wireless nurse call

MV200 Desk Console Wireless Nurse Call

Our MV200 wireless nurse call system is the most basic wireless nurse call system that we at BEC Integration Solutions offer. The MV200 supports as many as 48 wireless emergency call stations or devices. Upon pressing a call button, the wireless consoles will sound an alarm tone while showing the patient's name or room number requesting help.

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