Healthcare facilities can improve from the latest wireless nurse call system. In order to increase efficiency, grow in size, and ultimately save lives, a new wireless nurse call system will achieve all of these objectives and more. In choosing to do business with BEC Integrated Solutions, we offer to design you a product as well as make sure that every detail is suitable for your facility's goals.

The Wireless Nurse Call System works even when your staff does not. While your staff is busy doing other tasks, the Wireless Nurse Call System will continue working to ensure that your patients are taken care of. With the push of a button, pull of a cord, or shifting of bodyweight—the moment a patient needs help—staff will be notified. The Wireless Nurse Call System's options are plentiful and designed to fit your demands. Make sure your patient's needs are a priority no matter what time of day or night.

Integration is important at BEC Integrated Solutions. The Wireless Nurse Call System has many options and all available to your facility. Pocket pagers, dome lights, wandering neck pendants, and patient shower cords can integrate with your system. Each ward will have the wireless devices it needs to cover the specific patient needs. Wandering patients and emergency patients who are in separate areas may need separate devices. Wireless nurse call device options are virtually limitless and can be designed specifically for your healthcare facility.

If your facility needs to start small, BEC Integrated Solutions can layout the main annunciator panel and patient bed call cords and later add additional products to the system. With a wireless repeater, more devices can be paired with the system as it re-transmits signals for larger hospital campuses. Future growth will not be constrained and BEC Integrated Solutions will meet you and your system's needs. At healthcare facilities, patients and their care should be the priority.

As with any choice, a pro and con list can be a critical tool in any decision-making process and this list is easy. Now that you're aware of how important a Wireless Nurse Call System will be to your healthcare facility, consider the reasons why you should choose the BEC Integrated Solutions Wireless Nurse Call System. Our services don’t after the system is purchased. We offer free system pre-programming, along with free tech support and programming support for the entire life of your system. We also ensure professional installation is available in most areas and discounted project pricing availability. The choice is easy. Contact BEC Integrated Solutions for a free quote today.