According to writers of Hollywood movies in the 1980’s, the year 2000 would bring many advancements to humanity. The world would be driving flying cars and using robots to carry out everyday tasks. While certain advancements in technology have revolutionized the world as we know it, all of us still drive the normal cars and do the usual routines we are accustom to. We benefit from innovation, but still are waiting for a breakthrough in certain technology. But there is one promise of the future that has become a reality and that is found in the IntraSonic music intercom system offered through BEC Integrated Solutions.

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The Latest in Music Intercom System Technology

This music intercom system has transformed home intercom by providing an array of features you are sure to enjoy. Of course, our IntraSonic music intercom system provides the usual aspects of home intercom technology, but our system enhances these features to a whole new level. Select specific zones in your home to relay information with our selective privacy calling features. This feature allows you to not disturb the baby sleeping during nap time and still be able to communicate with your spouse in the basement. We also offer door release function and hands-free answering for units receiving the call.

If our IntraSonic music intercom system simply was for talking, it would still be an elite system. But what makes our music intercom system unique is the multi-function capacity of the system. With built-in AM/FM radio presets and USB and PMP connections for your personal MP3 and smartphone devices, your home intercom system becomes a music oasis streaming your favorite tunes in brilliant sound. Each unit has volume control and source selection, giving you control over each station. The music intercom system can expand up to 20 zones, giving you complete coverage in your home or office. This music intercom system is an ideal solution for new home intercom systems and can replace many 6,7 and 8-wire systems.

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With a sleek and modern design, your music intercom system will blend in nicely with your decor while providing the best in music intercom system entertainment. Not sure what you need? Use our free online quote tool to create a customized quote for your music intercom system.