Is it time to consider replacing your old intercom system and you’re just not sure where to start? Use this free guide to intercom replacement and have a new intercom system in your home in no time for a fraction of the cost! We’ll also explain how you can save money in the process of shopping and replacing your old intercom system. Consider the following steps to take when you shop for a replacement intercom system for your home or office.

1. Determine model of old intercom

Finding the model of your old intercom system is easy yet important. Locate your system’s model numbers and take note of them because you’ll want to be sure that the new intercom system that you choose is designed to replace your old intercom! Choosing an intercom that is meant to replace your specific model will save money on replacement costs, wiring reconstruction and wall hole repair, so don’t forgot this important step!

2. Narrow down specific replacement intercoms and compare features

The next step can be a bit trickier, but we’ll help you out. It’s important to compare different intercom systems so that you can easily determine what features work best for you and your home communication needs. We’ve put together a comparison list of replacement intercom systems and a list of models that these intercoms are designed to replace! These lists will save you hours of research trying to find intercom choices and features for comparison.


replacement intercom system


3. Choose your favorite replacement intercom system

Now comes the fun part! After reviewing the many features of the different replacement intercom systems available, choose which one will make the best replacement for your old intercom system. Put together an order on your own online or call replacement intercom professionals to discuss which components are needed for your new home intercom system. Have fun with this! Although each intercom is a little different from the rest, know that you will be receiving a quality replacement intercom no matter what choice you make!


Nutone intercom system


Intercom systems designed specifically to replace old systems offer all the best options to easily substitute your old system without the hassle and cost of hiring a professional installer. Choosing your replacement intercom system is a breeze! Your home will feature room to room communication that keeps families connected. Contact BEC Integrated Solutions today for a free no obligation intercom system quote.


M&S DMC3-4 intercom system