Modern-day concerns in healthcare are not simply matters for large institutions. Those concerns are visited upon each individual in multiple ways. One such concern is the care and charge and the responsibility of taking care of the elderly. It is crucial that elderly patient care be one of the hallmarks of a civilized society. Technology can promote this cause. BEC Integrated Solutions can provide you with affordable user-friendly technology that will make the pursuit of elder care effortless and economical.

Created specifically for wandering patients—especially those suffering from dementia and Alzheimer's disease—the Patient Wandering Pendants will allow the wearer the ability and dignity of freedom and privacy while granting their caregivers the opportunity to facilitate in their aid and supervision. Reducing the risks of getting lost or roaming into dangerous areas, the Patient Wandering Pendants will keep a metaphorical eye on without the intrusiveness of bad manners and menacing and nosey intimidation.

Shower and bath areas can be hazardous and slippery even for the very young. Other areas can have unexpected obstacles for all ages. As we get older, we lose our balance and the ability to determine our own clumsiness. Our mental faculties degenerate. Wireless shower stations provide a secure emergency caretaker calling tool to request aid if needed. With a shower station, a patient can pull the call cord to call for help. Other patient stations are available such as wireless bed stations and emergency stations that offer the same technology for different areas of patient rooms. These wireless stations are easy to use and provide reliable help in any situation.

To enhance the efficiency and safety of any household, there are a variety of other wireless devices that can be used. One system can bring all of these wireless devices together into one centralized system, and that is Wireless Nurse Call. With a wireless nurse call system, both patients and caretakers can communicate with one another in order to provide the safest environment possible. Wireless Nurse Call brings various patient technologies together and provides an output of tools and reports that help streamline communication and processes and ultimately increases efficiency.

Our Wireless Nurse Call System is the healthcare device needed for one such modern-day concern. Call today and request your customized quote.. We offer full system project discounts and our systems come fully preprogrammed at no extra charge. We also offer free programming and technical support for the entire life of your new Wireless Nurse Call System. We ensure professional installation available in most areas. Call BEC Integrated Solution today to get a free quote today.