Accutech LS2400


The Accutech LS2400 system is an economical wander management choice that features patient ID, observation of loitering and door-ajar, and warnings of low tag batteries. The LS2400 system is fully functional apart from a computer or other system. It can be installed and used entirely as its own system, or it can be combined with other safety systems to work alongside them. Nurse call systems, surveillance cameras, security door control systems and other emergency medical alert systems are a few systems that can be combined with the LS2400 for further protection.

Accutech LS2400 Guard

Wander Management Systems such as the Accutech LS2400 are RFID-enabled products that locate patients within set zones to assure their protection within hospitals, nursing homes and senior living homes. This product is specifically intended for Alzheimer's and dementia patients allowing them to have free reign within their facilities while giving them the security that they need. The LS 2400 allows staff to accomplish more work while monitoring patients’ location remotely rather than being with them at all times.


Many benefits are included with the Accutech LS2400 ResidentGuard system such as the use of a wider RF range to avoid needing an additional antenna for double doors. Also, the Accutech LS 2400 can be installed and maintained by your own facility, avoiding unnecessary extra costs. An additional display can be added to the LS 2400 controller which includes on-screen reporting, timer software design for day/night, patient ID upon entry, controller tuning capability, ability to add the facility logo to the display, zone arrangement from the home display, and ability to add a photo of each resident for quick identification. The LS2400 Accutech LS2400 ResidentGuard can be customized with any of these features in order to fit the needs of any facility.

  • On-screen reporting (up to 30 of the most recent reports)
  • Day/Night timer programming
  • Resident ID at the door
  • Frequency and tuning adjustments for the controller from the display
  • Custom facility logos to be uploaded as the default display
  • Configuration of multiple zones from a single display
  • Optional photo of resident upon alarm at the door

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