RETRO-M System R-MV4PAC Intrasonic Kit - No Door Station Incl.


The IntraSonic R-MV4PAC is used to replace old M&S and NuTone intercom systems. Contact Us for DISCOUNTED Pricing when considering a complete system package. BEC offers a 2 YEAR Warranty and FREE Lifetime Tech Support.


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  • IntraSonic R-MV4PAC 4 Room Stations, Upgrade Music Intercom Kit

    The R-MV4PAC is our four room upgrade kit that is fully customizable to suit your needs. The RETRO-MV4PAC kit includes:

    (1) RETRO-M White Master with Built In  Ipod / MP3 Music Dock
    (1) RETRO-MTP MASTER FRAME (10" High X 18" Wide) (Cutout 5 3/4" X 13 7/8")
    (4) RETRO-5R White Room Stations
    (4) RETRO-5RV ROOM AND PATIO FRAME  (10" High X 7 1/2" Wide) (6th frame is for Patio)
    (1) SET of Master Unit Mounting Brackets so that existing rough in housing can be re-used
    (1) System Transformer (built into master unit)

    (1) BT-UNIVERSAL Bluetooth component

    The IntraSonic RETRO-M Music Distribution and Intercom System is designed to replace nearly any existing M&S Systems, NuTone, Broan, IntraSonic, AudioTech Intercom Systems using existing wires. The new IntraSonic RETRO-M includes an AM/FM radio and plugins for mp3 players, iPods, iPhones, Zune or other music devices. The RETRO-M is a fun way to share music throughout the entire home. Our RETRO-M System allows two different music sources to be played in separate areas of the home to accommodate different music tastes.

    Selective call, a popular and unique feature of the IntraSonic RETRO-M Intercom System, allows calls to be made to one single intercom. Making calls to all intercoms is an option, but using selective call allows privacy between two intercoms. Hands free calling and answering is also available when reaching the intercom is not convenient. The IntraSonic RETRO-M Intercom System can integrate as many as 13 zones including two doors and one auxiliary input. The system can be installed using the current three, four, six or seven-wire cables in place. Unlike any other replacement system, the IntraSonic RETRO-M Intercom System’s room and patio stations can be wired directly to the eight ohm ceiling and wall speakers.

    IntraSonic RETRO-M Music Distribution & Intercom System Specifications

    • Installs and Operates on Existing Wire 3,4, 6 or 7 wires
    • Expands to 13 Zones, 2 Doors and 1 Auxiliary Input
    • Station Tuning at Room Station
    • Supports 8 ohm In Wall or Ceiling Speakers
    • Plug in mp3 player to master and share
    • Built-In AM/FM Radio
    • 10 AM/FM presets
    • Optional door release
    • Listen/Talk Intercom
    • Monitor rooms & built in Privacy Option
    • Door Intercom
    • Automatic Selective Intercom for private communication
    • Hands-Free Intercom for receiver of call
    • Individual Volume Controls for Intercom and Music
    • Colors available White, Almond, Black Built-In Chime
    • Hand Held Remote for master only
    • Master Dimension: W 15 X H 6
    • Master Trip Plate Dimensions 10” X 18 ¾”
    • Room Station 5” Trim Plate Dimensions 10”W X 7 3/8”H
    • Room Station 5” Trim Plate Dimensions 7 3/8”W X 10”H
    • Room Station 8” Trim Plate Dimensions 11 ¾”W X 11 ¾”H


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