Rauland Responder 5 Corridor Light Model 352000 - PRE-OWNED


This price is for a Rauland Responder 5 Corridor Light Model 352000 - Pre-Owned

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  • Rauland Responder 5000 R5KDCRCS4 ss relay output controller- Pre-Owned

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    The Corridor Light is typically located outside of patient and staff areas to provide a visual indication of calls originating from the bedside, bath/emergency, and code stations as well as service requirements and staff presence. The Corridor Light supports up to sixteen (16) call-in stations; three (3) of which can have audio capability. The Corridor Light has unique RGB LEDs to provide a high-visibility annunciation of patient calls. The colors, patterns, and flash rates of the LEDs are fully programmable, such as all segments blue for a code blue or strobe the sections of the light in any color pattern. All four segments of corridor light can indicate a call in any of the following 7 colors: White, Blue, Red, Green, Orange, Yellow, and Pink. 

    The LEDs also provide long life, low maintenance, and low power consumption. The corridor light comes equipped with three (3) module status LEDs, visible to service personnel when removed from the mounting plate, for troubleshooting units that are not functioning properly. One status light can be viewed from a mounted position during the initial start-up time period. The mounting plate conveniently fits a variety of single and dual gang back-boxes. The Corridor Light is continuously supervised for both power and data signal. Corridor lights may be hot-swapped on the room-to-room communication line without the loss of communications to other devices on the local network.


    • LED visual indication for high visibility, long life, low maintenance, and low power consumption
    • Programmable colors and flash rates to indicate pending calls, service requirements, and staff presence
    • Supports up to sixteen (16) call-in stations, three (3) of which can have audio capability
    • Module status LED indicates when the unit is not functioning properly
    • Serves as a hub for all room wiring


    • Power Required: 167mA at 36V
    • Weight: 0.5 lb. (0.25 kg)
    • Size: W: 4.8” (12.1 cm) H: 5.5” (13.9 cm) D: 3.8” (9.6 cm)
    • Housing and Finish: Lens – Xantar 18B Optical Clear, Face/Base Cycoloy 2950 White
    • Controls/indicators: Module Status LED, Nurse Call activity LED, Power Good LED
    • Terminations: Plug-on connectors
    • Backbox Options: 1 gang (Non-gangable), 3 1/2” Deep