Rauland Responder 4000 R4KNIM Network Interface Module Pre-Owned


This item is a for sale is a Rauland Responder 4000 R4K Network Interface Module Pre-Owned

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  • The Rauland Responder 4000 R4K Network Interface Module Pre-Owned

    The R4KNIM is the data, audio, and configuration hub for one (1) K-bus connection. The R4KNIM routes bi-directional data and audio to associated consoles, corridor lights, and stations. Configuration information for local consoles, corridor lights, and stations is contained in the module’s memory. All NIM troubleshooting/configuration programming is accessed from a single diagnostic port using R4KSPA. In the event of a power failure, all configuration and operating system information are maintained. To ensure every component of the Responder 4000 system is operational the R4KNIM continuously supervises all local consoles and corridor lights for both power and signal faults. In the event of a power failure, an optional battery backup permits the RK4NIM to maintain full operation during the time required to switch to auxiliary power. The X-bus also interconnects the R4KNIM to the R4KPIP — Peripheral Interface Port for pocket paging, management software. The K-bus interconnects the R4KPLI — Phone Line Interface for wireless telephone integration.


    • Data & audio control for one (1) K-bus connection
    • Four (4) LED diagnostic/status LED indicators
    • Continuously supervises local consoles and corridor lights for power and signal
    • Stores local console, corridor light, and station configurations
    • RJ connectors for easy service


    Power Requirements: 15.5 V DC @ 0.5A

    Network Capacity: Twenty-five (25) interconnected modules

    Individual Node Capacity: Twenty (20) total consoles (up to 10 LCD consoles), one hundred fifty(150) corridor lights, six hundred (600)audio stations, and one thousand five hundred (1500) non-audio stations

    Weight: 2.50 lbs. (1.13 kg)

    Housing & Finish: Black metal enclosure w/white nomenclature

    Size: W: 7.75" (19.69 cm) H: 11.50" (29.21 cm) D: 1.13" (2.87 cm)

    Terminations: One (1) X-bus connector (RJ 45) One (1) diagnostics connector (RJ 45) One (1) K-bus connector (plug-on) One (1) power connector (screw terminal)

    Backbox Requirements: Rauland NC2828 Terminal Cabinet Controls: X-bus DIP switch address X-bus status LED K-bus LED Diagnostics LED Power LED

    Certification: UL/C-UL 1069 FCC Part 15 Class A