Panic Button FAQs & Requirements

Frequently Asked Questions for Panic Buttons

  • Are volume discounts available for large properties?
    Yes. Contact us to learn about our volume discounts.
  • What about installation costs?
    Installation costs vary. Contact us to learn more.
  • What about hardware costs?
    There is a one-time hardware purchase cost that varies depending upon the hardware in question and the amount of equipment needed. Our dedicated customer service reps are able to compile a quote specific to your property’s needs. Contact us to learn more.
  • How long does an installation take?
    Depending upon the equipment in question, our installations are completed promptly. Contact us to learn more. 
  • What is a Panic System Master Console?
    An all-in-one security system master console that can integrate up to 65,000 wireless transmitters to communicate emergency signals to one central location.
  • What are Panic Alarm Neck Pendants?
    Small pendants that can be carried around the neck or on a keychain when pressed will send an alert to the master console and security personnel.
  • Will this make my hotel compliant with an ordinance?
    Our systems are built specifically for your needs in order to comply with local or state ordinances. Our flexible and open platforms enable us to deliver the right system to effectively protect your staff and comply with your requirements.
  • How soon can I get my hotel set up with this system?
    In the best circumstances, installations can happen within a month of purchase. However, with the increasing frequency of mandates and collective bargaining agreements requiring hotels to implement panic button systems, we recommend scheduling installation as far in advance as possible. Our inventory of installation requests continues to grow. Please don't wait until right before a deadline to try and implement a solution.
  • Will your solution work both inside and outside my hotel?
    Our Wireless Repeaters extend the range of our Panic Button Alarm Systems providing complete indoor and outdoor coverage for your property.
  • Who gets the alerts when a Panic Button is pressed?
    When an alert is triggered it will appear on our Panic System Master Console which is often installed at the hotel in a security office, housekeeping office, or front desk. This system will also send alerts via SMS and/or email to the smart devices of any contacts you have designated to receive emergency alerts. These alerts show up to the minute location information on where the person in distress is or has moved to within the property.
  • What are Personal GPS Panic Buttons?
    The Personal GPS Panic Button helps you instantly connect with loved ones or emergency personnel in a life-alert emergency situation at the push of a panic button. The Personal GPS Panic Button—when connected with our safety app—provides users with the flexibility to alert loved ones or emergency personnel in a life-alert situation.

Panic Button Requirements