Intrasonic Intercom I2000M

IntraSonic I2000M Music Distribution and Intercom System

I2000 IntraSonic Music Intercom

Our IntraSonic (IST) I2000 Intercom and Music Distribution System is a popular music intercom offering high-quality, multi-source music delivery. As an affordable and expandable option, the IntraSonic music intercom system integrates numerous features and benefits for any venue, mainly home residences. The I2000 Music Intercom System offers a sleek, modern design with color options that enable it to blend seamlessly into your home décor while delivering features that you will love.

 Our I2000 Intercom System's selective calling feature allows voice calls to be broadcast to all connected stations but then privacy mode kicks in when the call is answered at one station. This unique feature is designed to keep conversations private and extra noise throughout the home at a minimum. The broadcasting function is useful when sending a message to all residents.

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At BEC Integrated Solutions we offer choices of music intercom systems and accessories. Our music intercom systems contain an AM/FM radio with preset options available. These systems provide background music or audio to an entire home or facility. Whether commercial or personal, large or small, our music intercom systems offer numerous features and benefits for venues of all shapes and sizes. 

Our music intercom systems offer clear music and audio for recreational or instructional purposes. Schools, business offices, elevators, and homes can each benefit from our systems. Consider viewing our music intercom systems for easy plug-and-play music options. Our systems are affordable, user-friendly options for any type of venue. Contact us at BEC Integrated Solutions with your questions regarding our music intercom systems.

I2000 IntraSonic Music & Intercom System Features

  • Built-in AM/FM radio with ten (10) preset options
  • Portable Music Player (PMP) Bay to plug-and-play a wide variety of MP3 devices such as iPods and Zunes
  • USB or Firewire connection to charge MP3 devices as they play
  • Choice of three (3) music source options in every room, enabling different music sources to be played in different rooms
  • Selective / Privacy calling
  • Hands-free communication for the party receiving the call
  • Individual volume controls for intercom and music
  • Capability to monitor single or multiple zones
  • Hands-free operation on any station with REMOTE control (available as an option)
  • Expands up to twenty (20) zones
  • Option to connect to the ceiling or in-wall speakers from Master, Room, and Patio Stations
  • Door communications with optional door release feature

IntraSonic I2000 NEW Installation Intercom System Quote

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