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The BEC Building Video Intercom System has numerous features to consider when choosing which product is best for your security needs. Up to 300 video monitors can be installed using one of our multi-tenant video intercom systems. We offer color video monitors with screen sizes from 4.6 inches to 10 inches. When the control unit is called from the entryway, monitors can be programmed with auto viewing for more convenience. 

Our apartment video intercom systems are unique in that they offer not only voice communication through an intercom, but also allow the tenant to see who is speaking. The multi-tenant video intercom system monitor includes a button to unlock the door from a remote location once the caller has been identified. When communicating with the caller, the tenant can control the volume and adjust the brightness on the camera for clearer viewing right from the monitor. Concierge desk console stations are available for installation allowing a concierge station or building security to be contacted. Our multi-tenant video intercom system monitors containing picture memory capabilities can store the last 100 photos with the time stamp and date for future viewing.


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Our multi-tenant video intercom system door entry units have various features to consider as well. As many as 16 entry door units can be installed with this system. Our multi-tenant video intercom cameras have infrared night vision capabilities for 24-hour security. Each door unit contains a card reader for quick entry using an access card or a key fob. Entry can also be granted using an access code on the keypad.

The door entry units also have 24 VDC electric strike locks wired to the entry unit without the need for an extra power source. Our multi-tenant video intercom system door entry units have many capabilities that will eliminate your security concerns. Our BEC Building Video Intercom System is an affordable security option for apartment buildings, condominiums, or any other type of multi-tenant building. This system uses CAT5 cables and is ideal for either small apartments with few tenants or large buildings with high traffic. The multi-tenant video intercom system can be installed and used for access control of gates or doors of any type of building. The video feature of our apartment video intercom system allows not only voice call options but also video monitoring from a remote location. This feature adds to the video and access control security solutions of any facility.

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