Z-WAVE Automation Products

Linear Z-Wave Lighting, Security & Access Control System Products

Consider securing your home or business with our Linear Z-Wave wireless lighting, security, and control products; designed to add a whole new level of convenient and easy-to-use security features to your dwelling area. Z-Wave products offer wireless security featuring remote home automation while away from your home or business. A smart chip is implanted in every Linear Z-Wave device providing continuous two-way RF communication between numerous Z-Wave devices connected to one system. 

With almost unlimited possibilities, our Z-Wave products can easily expand to cover nearly any sized residence or commercial building for secure, uninterrupted coverage. Linear’s line of Z-Wave security products is both to install and easy to program for daily use. Set timers or control remotely to provide the illusion that a home or business is never left unattended. Our Z-Wave security features numerous lighting and control products that are sure to keep your home or business protected from potential vandalism or theft.

z-wave linear securityLinear’s Z-Wave security products operate with numerous systems such as security and health monitoring systems, home entertainment, energy management, home, and business appliances, and much more. Our security systems are convenient, easy to use, reliable, highly intelligent, and remain affordable to customers. Any product that you may already have installed that is Z-Wave enabled has the capability of integrating with all other Linear Z-wave products. Each Z-Wave device is capable of acting as a wireless repeater allowing commands to be sent and received even when a device may be out of radio range. The options with our Z-Wave security products are nearly limitless and offer seamless security for any residence or commercial property. Contact us today for more information regarding the products that we offer and how they can complement the Z-Wave products that you may already use on a daily basis.